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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Oct 2006
Baker Books

Desperate Women of the Bible: Lessons on Passion from the Gospels

by Jo Kadlecek

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Tired, poor, unloved, distressed. These were the women who realized their lives needed something more: a Savior. Desperate Women of the Bible: Lessons on Passion from the Gospels by Jo Kadlecek integrates seven unnamed women’s heart-churning stories into practical parallels for today’s modern-day Christian woman. Years may have passed since the Samaritan woman questioned Jesus about “living water” or the widow offered her last two coins or the dead girl was raised to new life, yet, the truths in the Bible remains the same.

The Jesus Christ who noticed, healed, and loved these women is the same God who today sees heartache, can heal women, and desires a caring relationship with them. Kadlecek uses conversational tones mixed with narrative, personal anecdotes, biblical illustrations, Scripture, and even light humor while emphasizing Jesus Christ’s unconditional love. Divided into seven manageable chapters, each section opens with the Scripture passage, followed by a preparation prayer and introductory inspirational quote. The Bible passage’s content and counsel give background insights into the story’s outcome. Each chapter concludes with digging deeper questions for further reflection and prayer. Kadleckek’s work as a journalist, novelist, and retreat and conference teacher is reflected in the devotional’s organization and to-the-point content.

Kadleckek describes the heartache and inadequacy many women feel when she writes, “Every person lives with some regret or is familiar with shame. We make bad choices that later in our lives force us to wonder what we were thinking. Yet, the hope of the gospel and the theme of the Bible is that God stands waiting for us to return to him for forgiveness. He wants us to repent of our sins, to cry over our mistakes, but also to accept the grace and forgiveness he provided through the death of Jesus Christ.” Nothing a woman does can earn the Savior’s love or bring peace and healing; however, He does desire to work with any woman who has a willing heart.

This book is a devotional that combines actual biblical text with insights reflecting today’s issues. Kadlecek bases her words on known biblical truths rather than far-fetched religious theory. She provides encouragement for women in their early 20s or older who feel distant from God or who are struggling with past mistakes and hurts. The book is perfect for individual or small group study or even a week-long or weekend time of reading. – Kate E. Schmelzer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Are you desperate for Jesus? Do you feel passionate about your faith? Do you long for something more out of your spiritual life? In the Gospels you'll find the stories eight nameless women who were driven by passion and desperation to find out who Jesus really was. Come alongside them and experience how their encounters with God transformed their lives.

Jo Kadlecek is your guide to these unforgettable women. Through her unique writing she reveals new insights into Christ's life and character to help you make sense of your own situations and passions. You will find new hope in discovering how Jesus can use even your most desperate desires to lead you closer to him and into a life of greater fullness and purpose.