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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2006
Baker Books

When Saints Sing the Blues: Understanding Depression through the Lives of Job, Naomi, Paul, and Others

by Brenda Poinsett

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The title of Brenda Poinsett’s newly-released book, When Saints Sing the Blues, presupposes that genuine, born-again Christians can experience “the blues,” or depression, during their lives.

Indeed, the most dedicated Christians can and do experience depression in their lives. Poinsett draws upon her careful study of eleven well-known men and women in the Bible and critiques how they dealt with depression in their own lives. From Moses, “When the Load’s Too Heavy,” to Paul, “When the Pressure is Keen,” Poinsett directs the reader in how to identify depression and, with God’s help, triumph over it.

Contrary to the popular notion that Christians should never go through depression, the author candidly and honestly debunks that myth. The book is written in a fresh, loving way that gives help and hope to those suffering from depression and also to those who love the ones embattled by the condition. Poinsett has experienced depression in her own life, and she writes with an understanding of the stigma associated with it, even by well-meaning Christians. She writes, “Depressed people feel a particular kind of inner torment that is hard for people to understand.”

Each chapter is built around a person in the Bible and the role depression played in his life. The book is written by a lay person for lay people. Poinsett honestly shares her personal struggles with depression, but more importantly, provides much-needed hope for life after depression. She states, “The most important lesson I learned is that I need a purpose – a God-given purpose that connects me with eternity.”

At the end of each chapter are probing and powerful “Replay and Reflect” questions that are alone worth the cost of the book. When Saints Sing the Blues will greatly help anyone struggling with depression and those attempting to understand what their loved ones are going through with this long misunderstood condition. I heartily recommend this book. – Jeff Pepple, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Some of God's greatest servants struggled with depression.

Christians who face depression often feel that they may not be spiritual enough. When Saints Sing the Blues assures you that you are not alone and that God still values you. In fact, God's people have dealt with depression for thousands of years. Discover how the Bible gives help and hope for healing by journeying with eleven biblical characters. Brenda Poinsett explores the lives of Jonah, Job, Naomi, Hannah, and more, showing you

  • circumstances that caused their depression
  • symptoms experienced by each of them
  • how the person dealt with the circumstances
  • what we can learn from that Bible character's efforts and God's response

When life is challenging or hurtful, Christians can't always just keep on marching. But you can be assured that there is no valley so deep that God cannot bring gain from it. Growth and recovery from depression is possible! Take a look at what treasures God may have for you.