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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Mar 2006
Baker Books

Secrets of a Satisfying Life: Discover the Habits of Happy People

by David D. Ireland

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Thanks to this wonderful book, every reader can know the secrets of a satisfying life! With a writing style that is both conversational and informative, these pages have the potential to change lives. After carefully researching the thought patterns and actions of happy people, author David Ireland discovered certain habits that formed a common denominator. This book sums up his observations and offers a practical plan for a powerful new life experience.

While most of these insights arenít startling or innovative, the authorís quiet enthusiasm provides the necessary emotional support and encouragement for readers. His ideas are arranged in short, orderly segments with each point being addressed clearly and backed up with real-life stories and quotes. Bible verses strengthen each principle and bring the focus back to Godís perspective.

The author has clearly taken the pulse of contemporary culture. His words reveal a sound understanding of the frustrations that most people experience, which forms a solid connection to his audience. His discoveries about happiness come largely from psychologists and behavioral scientists. Scattered throughout these pages are many anecdotes depicting the life-changing principles he presents. The combination of all these elements makes the book interesting and gives it the potential to help people find a measure of true happiness in their lives. Although the author uses many secular sources to back up his teaching, he does return to the Bible as the final authority.

Simply and sincerely written, Secrets of a Satisfying Life balances daily living with the hope of abundant life. Ė Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Research shows that only 20 percent of Americans consider themselves to be happy. What about the other 80 percent? Perhaps they are too busy. Maybe they are afraid to take risks. Whatever their reasons, these people have one thing in common: the desire to have a more satisfying life.

"The secret to a happy life can be found simply in the practice of certain behaviors," writes David Ireland. In Secrets of a Satisfying Life, he provides practical advice for attaining happiness and satisfaction. Rather than focusing on the problems that need to be changed, Ireland teaches how to cultivate happiness by recognizing and practicing the habits of happy people. With interactive tools and insightful stories, David Ireland's simple approach will help people discover what they've been missing in life.