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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Mar 2005
Baker Books

Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family: Talking about Jesus without Offending

by Michael Green

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All believers have been commissioned by God to “make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19), and yet, not all of us are comfortable sharing our faith with family and friends. It isn’t that we aren’t sure of what we believe; it’s just that we feel ill-equipped to speak authoritatively about the theology behind what we believe. Not only that, but we fear provoking and alienating those we are trying to reach, and we don’t want to close the door to future opportunities.

Michael Green, author of Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family, writes that bridge-building is the first step in moving beyond the confines of the church walls and into a society that doesn’t know Jesus. He asserts building bridges of friendship leads naturally to the more important task of building bridges to God.

Green says we should watch for good conversation openers that might lead to evangelism. Extending an invitation to a special event, engaging in a discussion on current world affairs, expressing concern in a time of need, or simply telling someone what Jesus has done in your own life--all of these make great conversation starters. Even more, living a life that demonstrates the difference can be the most effective evangelistic opener. Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family contains simple, straightforward ideas about how to share Jesus with others. Its step-by-step approach provides insights that can be studied individually or used as a guide in group discussion.

In addition to suggesting ways to witness, Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family goes a step further in offering constructive ideas for handling the response, offering aftercare, and avoiding witnessing mistakes. Most of all, it reminds us that we must rely on God, not on gimmicks.

Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family is appropriate for all Christian teens and adults who want to be better equipped to share their faith and to “make disciples of all nations.” -- Nancy K. Brown, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

You don't want to say something that would offend your father, yet you care deeply about his need for a savior. You don't want your friend to think you're pushy, but you realize how vital this decision is for her. You're aware that an overwhelming majority of people come to Christ through their friendships with committed Christians, but you still struggle with how to share your faith with those close to you.

In Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family, Oxford scholar and evangelist Michael Green shows you how to approach and talk naturally with your friends about faith and God. Here you'll gain a wealth of practical insights, from starting the conversation and presenting the gospel message to avoiding mistakes and handling common responses. Most importantly, Green shows how introducing a friend or relative to Christ is the most worthwhile and fulfilling ministry a Christian can have.