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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Oct 2004
Baker Books

Who Needs A Superhero?: Finding Virtue, Vice, And What's Holy In The Comics

by H. Michael Brewer

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Who Needs a Superhero? whips the capes off some well-known avengers to reveal some startling spiritual truths.

H. Michael Brewer is a pastor with a passion for comics. In this book, he creatively combines his love of the fictional with his knowledge of the spiritual. Readers will get a closer look at some famous and fearless defenders and will discover the secret behind the longevity and success of comics. The author profoundly connects these champions with mankindís need for a hero; someone to save the world, battle evil and do it all before itís too late.

With compelling and comforting insights, the author parallels the world of the superhero with the way of the supernatural. Since people are longing for a rescuer, he examines the various personalities and powers of the comic book champions, while pointing up in the sky to an even greater savior, Christ the Lord.

Readers will sense the authorís excitement for this subject. Written with a pastorís heart and a sense of youthful adventure, the message of this book will be remembered. The parallels with the printed pages and the Word of God are both priceless and spirited. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman lead readers deeper into spiritual truths. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four provide a fresh new slant on unity and church fellowship. The other superheroes, from the Hulk to the Green Arrow, add a unique, and sometimes, unexpected twist on the sacred.

Each chapter offers a thorough background on a superhero and then creatively connects them to Christ or the church. There is even a fun quiz to discover the readersí secret superpowers. The book closes with a study guide that opens up the idea of starting a very entertaining discussion group.

Is there really any connection between the Man of Sorrows and the Man of Steel? Author H. Michael Brewer gives readers a different type of x-ray vision to discern some deeper, spiritual truths in this super book. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Got superpowers?
Daredevil's discernment?
Wonder Woman's wisdom?
Batman's sense of justice?

Mild-mannered minister by day, H. Michael Brewer transforms nightly into Comic Book Man. Bolstered by bulletproof biblical backup, Brewer delves into myths about man and Maker. Is God more like Green Arrow or the Punisher? How can you model your church after the Fantastic Four? What can the X-Men teach about unity? Comic Book Man reveals all this, tests your superpowers, and leads you in an unforgettable study for small groups.

(No capes required.)