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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Mar 2004
Baker Book House

Jaded: Hope for Believers Who Have Given Up on Church, but Not on God

by A.J. Kiesling

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"Divine discontent, spiritual burnout, call it what you will, a collective restlessness haunts today’s church. The church-mill wears down many true believers. If this describes you, a friend, or niggling feelings that you are just beginning to experience, Jaded provides understanding and answers. Using her own and friends’ personal experiences with spiritual fatigue, A. J. Kiesling presents an in-depth study of this problem, its roots, and its cures. Religion researchers such as George Barna predicted a migration of believers from churches in the late 1990s and on into the present century. It has happened. In 2000 only 40% of adults attended church. By 2010, it is predicted only 35% of adults will attend church. Kiesling looks acutely into the reasons for this. Looking at both the organized church and the wandering believers, causes for this exodus are boldly explored, including spiritual abuses, ranging from Bible bashing to gossip to sexual perfidy. The truth is hard to read, yet it contains the seeds of its own remedy. Prefaced by a brief look at church history, the newer forms of church such as house, cell, and internet, are investigated. Jesus’ own words, and the words of many of His faithful followers through the ages brings perspective to this study and help to strip away the masks Christians wear, leaving only totally amazing grace.

"A. J. Kiesling, having experienced wandering in spiritual perplexity, encourages the reader to personally investigate the call of our Lord: 'Along with myself, the people who contributed their stories to this book love the church – meaning the body of Christ – and long to see it restored. What shape or form that…takes remains for Jesus…to work out. And, if the record of Scripture is any clue, God is a master at surprise twists and creative endings.'

"Jaded calls Christians to leave results up to God, and enter into spiritual healing, and completion. All believers, whether agreeing or arguing, will profit from reading this book." -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Starved by the church but hungry for God?

If rigid religious paradigms and static sermons don't do much for you, and you hunger for a more powerful experience of God, you're not alone. Let Jaded show you alternative ways in which believers are "being church" rather than "doing church." Through the telling of their tales, the spiritual sojourners in this book nudge you toward your own faith path-into a place of vibrant belief, amazing grace, and spiritual realism.

God wants much more for you and from you than uninspiring religious practice. He wants you to be joyful and vulnerable when you worship. Jaded helps you learn how to get past restricted ceremony and into true worship.