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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Sep 2003
Baker Books

Decision Making God's Way: A New Model for Knowing God's Will

by Gary T. Meadors

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"I appreciate the Biblical clarity that Dr. Meadors brings to the major issue of how to know God's will. This book should be of great help to all who read it, especially in light of the foggy confusion that exists today concerning how to know God's will. Thanks for an excellent, biblically derived book."--Stephen L. Jaeb, President, The Believers Foundation

"If you are suspicious, you should be. By what audacity do even well-meaning believers prescribe pronouncements on Decision Making God's Way? If you think the title to be presumptive, think again. Meadors, a New Testament scholar rooted in real life, has no secret word from the divine. And neither is the tone nor its guidance spiked with bombastic directives. What this book offers, and what sets the highly readable, ultimately practical, volume apart, is its thorough treatment of biblical revelation which places in context the embedded values necessary for us to hear then choose. If the reader seeks bumper-sticker cliches or formulaic divination or even a magical prayer, this may not be the book for you. The jeweled reward of reading and applying the principles of this book pushes us to discern God's voice more clearly by knowing God better. This work and its values-driven model begs to be studied by Christians in community."--Mark A. Lamport, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Ministries, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary

"Finally, a book that deals with decision making that is informed by both biblical theology and Christian worldview considerations. It is without peer in this literature in being biblically solid, philosophically informed and practically useful. Written for the discerning reader, it is a distinctive and welcome addition to this recurrent discussion."--Dr. James M. Grier, Distinguished Professor of Philosophical Theology, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary

"In Decision Making God's Way, Gary Meadors frees us from seeing God's will as a burden or mystery, to the joyful embrace of God's will as a pattern of life. God's will is a transformed mind rooted in a Christian worldview and biblical values. With theological precision and practial insight, Meadors helps us to discern that the divine will is ultimately about God's moral will, from which we then approach every day decisions that face us. A welcomed and readable contribution to the literature on God's will."--Dennis P. Hollinger, Ph.D., Vice Provost & Professor of Christian Ethics, Messiah College

"Meadors' book provides an objective framework for decision-making that counters both the uncertainty and subjectivism of our age. Anyone taking the time to read this text will gain a confidence and a freedom in decision-making that perhaps they have never known."--Rex M. Rogers, President, Cornerstone University

"In this thought-provoking work, Gary Meadors presents well the view that finding God's will involves applying godly discernment rather than figuring out in advance the sovereign plan of God. The message that comes through loud and clear is that it is impossible to know the will of God without first knowing God, without studying his Word, viewing the world from his perspective, and taking on his values."--Dr. Joel F. Williams, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Columbia International University

"Christians frequently struggle to identify what God's will is for them in the decisions of life, large and small. Meadors wisely counsels us to know and obey God's moral commands, and discerningly live out biblical values in every situation. Wise readers will give Meadors their careful attention and will in turn find their wisdom deepened and enriched."-- Stephen R. Spencer, Wheaton College

"Decision Making God's Way by Gary T. Meadors does an excellent job of explaining to Christians in a very common sense way the process of knowing God's will. In a society that is always looking for instant answers, he makes it clear that it takes time in the Bible and time in prayer to "be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what the will of God is" (Romans 12:1-2). The book is easy to read, but it is one that you will want to reread many times. As the book says, "the Bible is not a Ouija board" with quick answers in all situations, but a book that needs to be digested and applied all of your life to stay in God's will."-- Josie Essig, women's Bible study leader, and Don Essig, III, PGA Master Professional, Chairman of PGA of America Rules Committee, deacon, College Park Baptist Church

"Gary Meadors' new book, Decision Making God's Way, is a mature and thoughtful approach to one of the great mysteries of faith. I personally found the book to be truly enlightening at numerous points (his weak brother, strong brother discussion was especially helpful) and his overall thesis to be quite compelling. As we enter the postmodern age with its confusion as to how to incorporate the Bible into picture, Dr. Meadors' challenge that it remains foundational for the quest is a helpful reminder and challenge."-- Martin G. Abegg, Jr., professor of Hebrew and Old Testament, and co-director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University, British Columbia

"Meadors has done the Evangelical Church a great service through this work. Through straight-forward and easily understood exegesis and exposition, he has developed a biblical model which clears the subjective fog and lifts the mystical veil that has, for too long, shrouded this critical issue. By introducing the importance of worldview formation coupled with a "transformed mind" theology, Meadors has provided a clear and lucid methodology for Christian decision making that will encourage and enrich Christians at all levels of maturity. His humor and "down-to-earth" style of writing, coupled with the rich and biblically-based content, make the book a very enjoyable and beneficial read."-- John R.Lillis, Ph.D., executive officer and dean, Bethel Seminary

Book Jacket:

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord" (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).

How can you know what those plans are? Many Christians miss God's will because they look in the wrong place. In the Bible, believers were concerned with doing God's will, not finding God's will. But before you can do God's will, you must know what it is.

Gary Meadors believes the best guidance for decision making already exists in the teaching of Scripture. He shows how to use an objective process based on understanding the Bible as well as a Christian worldview and set of values, rather than subjective methods.

If you struggle with knowing God's will, Decision Making God's Way will provide you with helpful, thought-provoking insights for determining the answers to life's tough questions.