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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Feb 2006

Windshield Is Bigger Than the Rearview Mirror, The: Changing Your Focus from Past to Promise

by Jeff Wickwire

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Jeff Wickwire wrote The Windshield Is Bigger than the Rearview Mirror because "(t)he serpent beguiles us into thinking that the past is worth clinging to, or that failures and mistakes such as those made by Israel render us incapable of breaking the punishing chains that bind us. This is a lie!...God always extends His hand of mercy and bids us step into a new place with Him." (125-126)

Wickwire reveals six things that hold us to the past. "An inordinate attachment to someone or something in the past,"(20) successes and failures, heartbreak, trauma, and bitterness tempt us to cling to the past in an unhealthy manner. Wickwire writes a chapter about each one using Scripture and rich anecdotes to explain why we focus backward and how to break the hold of that temptation.

He then describes the process of crossing over into God's promises. The last section climaxes the book with power and good advice. With his abundant use of stories and Scripture, Wickwire draws us forward into the hope of the future. He points out that we've all failed because we're sinners, but God loves and uses people who have failed all of the time. Often failure and pain have been part of our shaping to serve the needs of others.

Wickwire spiritualizes some scriptural passages, such as Elisha's making the ax head float. He also espouses the popular "forgiveness of self" teachings, though Scripture doesn't teach that, and forgiveness of others without their repentance. However, the reasons for reading the book are strong, especially if you are hooked on looking backward. His last three chapters keep getting better, and he shares great insights on Peter, his failures, and how God used him in the early church. He ends by encouraging others to hope in God.

"The devil's lying words go like this: 'You failed, so you are a failure. You were traumatized, so you will always be a traumatized person. You have been hurt, so you are doomed to be a hurt person, limping through life, dragging your pain behind you.' Any time the enemy seeks to define you, he turns were into are. He takes an event that was, and personalizes it to you today. He turns the past into a mold and attempts to squeeze you into it, conforming you to its image." (168)

Peter's life shows the devil to be a liar in this, and so does Jeff Wickwire's The Windshield is Bigger Than the Rearview Mirror. Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Start looking forward to the life God has for you!

God created you with a great future planned for your life. What you might not realize is that the enemy also has a plan for you-to steal, kill and destroy that future. One of his most effective tactics is to keep you looking backward to the past with would-have-beens, could-have-beens and should-have-beens. This "rearview mirror" focus robs you of present happiness and future promise.

The Windshield Is Bigger Than the Rearview Mirror highlights six chains Satan uses to keep people tied to the past: inordinate attachments, past successes, heartbreak, failure, trauma and bitterness. Using powerful illustrations from the Bible and from candid personal experience, Wickwire shows how you can break free from these chains to embrace the future God intended.