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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Sep 2005
Revell Books

Operation Desert Light: Standing Up for Those Caught in the Middle East Crossfire

by Brother Andrew & Al Janssen

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Brother Andrew, well known during the Cold War-era as Godís Smuggler, has been called by the Lord to go to the Middle East as friend, prayer partner, advocate, and amanuensis. Operation Desert Light tells the engrossing story of these adventures over the last several decades.

From country to country, chronologically presenting the growing story, Operation Desert Light gives intimate glimpses into the lives of endangered, dying, and dead Christians as well as others from Lebanon, Gaza, and Israel. Armed only with his Bible, Christian literature, love flowing through him from God, and Godís directive, Brother Andrew lived with these people, learned their problems first hand, and sought ways to help them help themselves. He went to all who needed an understanding ear and voice: Palestinian, Israeli, and terrorist. This is not a politically-correct volume. There is no rhetoric, just a heart-stopping, direct account.

Brother Andrew tells why Christians hurt, sometimes in graphic detail, and how they help or harm each other in these terrible situations. He gives reasons why terrorists hate. He never takes any one side, sometimes even wondering how he, who loves Godís people, the Israelis, can feel so much sympathy with other groups. With both tragedy and triumph portrayed, as you read this book be prepared to think the thoughts of other people, feel their desperations, and agonize as they seek the Lordís will for their lives. Be prepared to be moved out of your comfortable American way of life and thinking.

Operation Desert Light is the youth version of the 2004 book Light Force. Keeping the same narrative, important side bars and closing materials have been added.

I would encourage you to read one of these books Ė either Operation Desert Light or Light Force. Another good companion book to these, one which I have just recently reviewed, is Paul Meets Mohammad by Michael Licona. Ė Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to shine light into the most volatile region on earth.

Bringing hope to the Middle East. Sound impossible? Brother Andrew didn't think so. He proved that one person really can make a difference. In the midst of riots, suicide bombings, and constant war, he risked everything to encourage weary Christians and church leaders to become a force for change.

Recounting Brother Andrew's incredible journeys, Operation Desert Light introduces you to the people behind the news statistics: people who, like you, have families, friends, hopes, and fears. In these pages, you will find behind-the-scenes accounts, Q & A sections, maps, and helpful sidebars that will put the people, places, and events of the Middle East conflict into perspective.

So what does this have to do with you? Operation Desert Light will take a look at your mission--your calling from God--on how to be a source of true peace and light to the people in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon . . . and at home.