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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Sep 2005

Messies Manual: A Complete Guide to Bringing Order & Beauty to Your Home

by Sandra Felton

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You are going to love The Messies Manual—a complete guide to bringing order and beauty to your home. This book by Sandra Felton is one of the best home organizing books I have found yet. It not only gives tips for cleaning, it helps the reader see that the root causes of messiness may not be laziness or craziness, but a problem with handling information. Felton talks about the types of Messies and gives a quiz that the reader can take to define his problem areas.

For example, the author describes a person who can’t decide on what to eat from a menu, and who over-packs for trips because he can’t decide in advance what to wear. Decision making is, in that case, what causes clutter to gather and jobs to go unfinished.

Felton, nicknamed The Organizer Lady, has written several best-selling books on the subject; she leads a group called Messies Anonymous, borrows the methods and steps of the AA program for recovery (with God as the higher power, since she is a Christian), and applies it to the home. The book is divided into five parts: Help! House Out of Order, Turning Things Around, The System, Helping the System Help You, and The Payoff. Some of the topics include procrastination, how to get family members to cooperate, goal setting, using flipcharts, decluttering, sorting, cleaning, storing, saving time, improving physical energy, and simplifying chores.

The author is funny and her advice is practical. Her two basic methods of attacking and conquering the housekeeping mountain are called the Mount Vernon Method and, for very difficult homes, the Mount Vesuvius method. Felton’s writing is clear and easy to follow. The last chapter includes references to helpful books, websites, and organizations, including some for helping people with learning disabilities. I especially enjoyed the Payoff section about how to build and maintain family traditions.

I highly recommend this book, especially to persons who want to get their homes free of clutter, clean, and orderly—who long for their homes to be blessed and peaceful. -- Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Do you constantly misplace books, keys, bills, shoes, pets, or . . . children? Are you tired of fighting an avalanche every time you open a closet or cabinet door? Do you never answer the phone because you can't find it?

Welcome to the world of a "messie"! Before you run home and apply for a home makeover, let The Organizer Lady™ turn your anxiety into inspiration. Sandra Felton's practical advice will make your dreams of an orderly lifestyle become reality.

Whether you are the "messie" or are living with one, The Messies Manual provides loads of resourceful tools that will help you

- organize your activities
- pay bills on time
- keep your house clean
- enjoy your spare time without feeling guilty

With over 350,000 copies sold, The Messies Manual has a new foreword and a wealth of insightful ideas that will help you make chronic messiness a thing of your past!