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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Feb 2006

Wings of Morning

by Kathleen Morgan

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Kathleen Morgan begins her riveting highland historical novel, Wings of Morning, on Regan MacLaren's wedding night. When the clansmen bring their drunken laird, who is Regan's foster brother, to their bedchamber, Roddy is both brutal and awkward in his attempts to consummate the marriage. Regan flees, and when he cannot find her, he decides to make peace by bringing her an expensive gift--stolen from the flocks and herds of the neighboring Campbell clan. Instead, they bring Roddy back laid out on his plaid, killed by Ian Campbell after a surrender, according to Roddy's brother, Walter, who has become the new laird of the clan.

When Regan tries to prevent Walter's ambush of Ian Campbell, she loses her way, falls, and loses her memory. She does not remember who she is, that she is the abandoned heiress of the wealthy Drummond clan, the widow of murdered Roddy MacLaren, or that she hates Ian Campbell. Campbell's peasants bring her to Ian's estate where he and his mother nurse her back to health. As the godly Ian and she spend time together, love grows, and Regan finds in Ian's mother the mother-figure missing in her own life.

The return of Regan's memory, the distrust of Ian's cousin Niall, the hunger for power of her cousin William Drummond, the commands of Queen Mary, and the schemes of Walter MacLaren threaten Ian's and Regan's budding love.

Kathleen Morgan weaves a fascinating tale of highland romance. Though I have read little historical fiction in the past few years, I scoped out free moments to pick up her book. Her characters are well drawn: Ian, strong, handsome and godly, with a clear idea of what he wants; Regan, a distrustful and vulnerable survivor; William Drummond, the power-hungry man intent on not losing his position to Regan; and the grasping, unscrupulous Walter. My only suggestion would be that Morgan make some of the Scottish words a little more understandable, such as “tanist.”

Morgan, the winner of the 2002 Rose Award for Best Inspirational Romance and author of several romances, delivers again. Fans of historical fiction or of Scotland will enjoy this book. – Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Can a forbidden love survive betrayal and suspicion in the Scottish highlands?

Orphan heiress and Scotswoman Regan MacLaren is a bride of only one day when her husband is murdered. Left alone to thwart the revenge her family seeks on her husband's assassin, Regan suffers a terrible fall and loses her memory--and with it her place in the world. Meanwhile, laird and warrior Iain Campbell is waiting for the love he knows God will bring him. But a woman near death and without a memory isn't quite what he expected.

And so begin enormous challenges for Regan and Iain to overcome the unholy ambitions of others while love takes them by surprise. But will betrayal and suspicion force them apart forever? Or can their love help heal their clans and their land?