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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Jan 2005

The Deuce

by F.P. Lione

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With a unique blend of gritty and godly, The Deuce stimulates the senses while satisfying the soul!

The authors, collectively known as F. P. Lione, bring their personal knowledge of the New York Police Department to the pages of this book. This insight provides a gripping sense of realism as it allows readers a glimpse into the life of a police officer. Set in New York City, the action and adventure hovers around 42nd Street, also referred to as “the Deuce.”

This new series opens with a fast-paced plot and memorable characters. Actual police procedures and protocol enter the story and make the action realistic. The daily struggles and dangers that officers experience are portrayed with graphic details. The writing is so crisp and clear that at times, it was almost like sitting in the back seat of the squad car as Tony Cavalucci and his partner, Fiore, raced to answer a call. By the time the last page is turned, readers will feel as if they had actually visited these New York streets.

Yet, the story doesn’t stop with the physical action. The authors include a spiritual layer to this novel, which provides a significant backdrop to the police situations. As the main character, Tony, confronts the sin and evil in this city, the spiritual void in his own life comes into clearer focus. Fiore, his partner and committed Christian, gently incorporates biblical truths and insights into both his dialogue and decisions. The authors handled this part of the book very well, as Christianity challenges the contemporary worldview in a perfectly natural way.

The Deuce is second to none! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In New York City, the police officers call 42nd street "the Deuce."

It's where all the action happens-the good and the bad, the beautiful and the gritty, the big lights and the dark alleys. But for NYPD cop Tony Cavalucci, the Deuce is turning into a midnight shift of drunken brawls, jewel thieves, and gang wars. Ready to fight the perps roaming the streets, Tony didn't realize he'd also have to fight for his own innocence.

Night after night, the vice and violence wear on him. After an injury puts his partner in the hospital, Tony gets a new partner-never good news for a cop. But the shift must go on. Can Tony trust his new partner in these dark nights of urban stress? Or will the streets claim Tony as their next victim?

Writing with grit and authenticity, F. P. Lione brings to life the lonely struggle of one rugged cop.