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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Sep 2004

Mean Girls: Facing Your Beauty Turned Beast

by Hayley DiMarco

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Mean Girls by Hayley DiMarco, is a reality book about how to deal with girls who love to make other girls squirm just for the fun of it. Girls can also be mean for several reasons like jealousy, revenge, or insecurity. There are several behaviors given by DiMarco to identify who the "mean girls" are.

The author shows readers how to deal with and overcome problems caused by these situations. Choosing the "beauty over beast," begins with honesty and godliness.  

This book includes plenty of real-life situations, including DiMarco’s own circumstances of she and others facing girls who were mean. She wisely provides excellent Bible verses to back-up her advice. There are one-liner comments on several pages that might include statistics or Bible verses. Interactive quizzes and rhetorical questions help girls understand the book.

Hayley DiMarco has also written several other books that include Dateable, The Dateable Rules, and The Dirt on Breaking Up. She strives to help young girls deal with life's problems with very practical answers. Every pre-teen or teenage girl should read this book -- it gives sensible advice on how to deal with these sticky situations. Highly recommended. -- Jessica Loughner, youth reviewer for Christian Book

Book Jacket:

It's tough to be a girl

Sugar and spice and all that's nice? Not quite. You have probably been a victim of a mean girl once or twice, the kind that loves to spread rumors, fight over the smallest things, tease, and torment. Let's face it. Sometimes girls can be just plain mean.

But here's a way to end the cycle of mean once and for all.

Mean Girls explains why girls are cruel and shows you how to deal with them, how to stop the cycle of Mean, and even how to remove Mean all together.

Hayley will show you

  • why some girls treat you the way they do
  • what God thinks about your Mean Girl 
  • why hanging out with a Mean Girl is bad for you, and
  • how to move on and find new, more healthy relationships

Mean Girls might be around forever, but that doesn't mean they have to torment you. You can avoid fear, hurt, and embarrassment. Hayley DiMarco shows how!