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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Sep 2004

Living Spaces: Bringing Style and Spirit to Your Home

by Marlee LeDai

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In an era of television reality shows which emphasize the extreme makeover, Marlee LeDai’s Living Spaces: Bringing Style and Spirit to Your Home, by contrast, warmly invites the readers to step across the thresholds of our homes and explore our own spaces.

She encourages us to think of our homes as metaphors for our lives where God has taken up residence. She suggests that creating what her young daughter once called “a nice warm” starts with who we are, not with what we have.

Working from the premise that a house symbolizes a sanctuary whose “walls are imbued with spiritual sensibilities,” Marlee divides her book into four parts. Together we consider our possibilities for personal change in the areas of mystique that include corridors, backdoors, or windows; the rooms of our lives where we connect with God, others, and ourselves; the dreams that we have for making our dwelling place a home, and the everyday exteriors which call to us especially in times of crisis. At the end of each chapter she provides a “soul project” that includes specific suggestions for using our creative energy for quietly musing, journaling, shooting photos, composing poetry, or developing displays which help us to find meaning in our homes.

As a woman in transition, Marlee speaks to others who find themselves at the crossroads of their lives. We can trust her because she, too, has experienced many rough paths in her journey. Not only does she open her home and her heart to us, but she also pulls examples from her rich experience of living in many places around the world. She shares work from numerous writers whose thoughts enhance hers. Finally, she alludes to scriptural passages that seem particularly appropriate, although one must consult the endnotes to find the specific references.

As I read this book, I knew that it would be especially appropriate for a friend of mine who is dealing with a nasty divorce. Maybe a young colleague, recently widowed, would be encouraged by Marlee’s words. Then, I realized that I was finding her thoughts and ideas applicable to myself. Was it because I recently retired? Suddenly, I understood that we are all in transition and in need of moving forward. If that is the case, then this book in part or in whole will speak to any woman’s heart. -- Barbara Kay Bickel, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Home is where the heart lives.

In a culture crazy for transforming spaces, Marlee LeDai explores what turns rooms, nooks and crannies, colors, and furniture into the heart's true dwelling place. A home, you'll discover, is where paint peels and china is chipped, but also where summits are celebrated, losses are healed, and love is forged for all time.

With warmth and wisdom, Marlee invites you to recognize the beauty of your home just as it is-or as you want it to be-because you and God have taken up residence there. Join her as she tours the whole of an abode, from the hallways to the bathroom to the roof, and discover anew what home really means.