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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Feb 2004

Simple Acts of Kindness: Practical Ways to Help People in Need

by Terri Green

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“'My family and I have been the recipients of many gifts of love and kindness, time and meals, and several other amazing gestures from people who…have a caring heart….Because of their example, I’m eager to give back to someone else who needs help.'

"Terri Green is a wife and mother of three girls, including one, Kara, with severe cerebral palsy. Taylor was born four years after Kara. She came into the world with a twisted small intestine. Six months and five operations later, Taylor came home from the hospital with a feeding tube just like Kara’s. A year later, a healthy little Paige was born into the group. The help and love that Terri and Brad received over the years resulted in this book.

"'I believe that we have been placed on this earth to be examples of God’s love for all of us….when the tough times come, there is someone who can relate to you and who has been through something similar. Hang on to the one who can keep a stiff upper lip and still give thanks to our Lord…'

"This book contains 35 short chapters. In each, Terri relates an experience of her own or someone else’s where people demonstrated God‘s love. She concludes each chapter with more suggestions for those situations. Her topics include: helping beat depression; sharing of time; helping strangers; group projects; the gift of flowers; and handyman helpers.

"She includes many Bible verses of encouragement or acknowledgment. This is a short, uplifting book of joy, faith, and challenge to all Christians.

“'Reach out even when it is uncomfortable. And know that the more you give, the more your heart will receive.'" -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

At a loss when it comes to helping someone in crisis?

Want to offer more than just encouraging words?

Whether you have a friend struggling through a trial or simply want to learn how to reach out, Simple Acts of Kindness will show you how to become a vehicle for Jesus' love in practical and meaningful ways.

Terri Green shares how the caring support of others overwhelmed her when her family went through incredibly difficult times. From washing the family car and stocking her house with toilet paper to the gift of much-needed groceries, these concerned friends went the extra mile to help. Find out how your simple acts of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of others.