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368 pages
Jan 2008

As High As The Heavens

by Kathleen Morgan

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Kathleen Morganís enchanting tale, As High as the Heavens, will make you feel like you are in the midst of the rolling, emerald hills of sixteenth-century Scotland. Heather Gordon, a young woman of nobility, never thought her prayer to an estranged God would ever come true. Shortly after wishing for a more fulfilling life, her father tells her of her crucial duty in a plot to save Mary, the Queen of Scots. Heather must temporarily sacrifice her days of comfort and wealth and travel to the rugged Highlands. She knows a difficult journey awaits her, but she is willing to face those struggles in order to see her Queen on the throne once more. What Heather does not expect is to lose her heart in the process.

Duncan Mackenzie has lived in the Highlands for as long as he can remember. Although he loves the beautiful land he calls home, part of him longs for more than just tending animals and doing chores. His desire soon becomes reality when he discovers he, too, must play a vital role in order to save the Queen. To accomplish this task, Duncan must agree to learn how to look and act like a gentleman. To aid him in this process, Heather Gordon accepts the role of his tutor. Duncan faces struggles as he must change his ways and submit to a stubborn yet captivating woman.

Psalms 57:9-10 says, ďI will thank you, Lord, in front of all the people. I will sing your praises among the nations. For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens.Ē This fitting verse opens the story and reveals one of the themes Ė love. The focal relationship of this story is between Duncan and Heather, but there is another love story: the rekindling of Heatherís relationship with God. Unfortunately, this part plays only a minor role in the plot of the novel; most of the story is focused on the romance between Heather and Duncan.

Kathleen Morgan is a skilled writer, using vivid descriptions to create clear pictures in the readerís mind. Because Morgan includes Scottish words and phrases, I could hear the charactersí distinct voices and accents. One area I felt was a little disappointing was the climax. The bulk of the story leads up to one event. When the reader gets to this monumental event, Morgan does not provide enough detail to give it justice. I was left wanting more. The reader should also be aware of Morganís detailed descriptions of Duncan and Heatherís feelings for each other. The descriptions are realistic of a man and womanís natural emotions, but some readers may feel uncomfortable reading them.

Overall, this novel is full of romance, action, and suspense. The story has some connections with God, but the main focus is on Duncan and Heather. This book is easy to read, and it entertains the reader. From teenagers on up, all types of women will enjoy this heart-warming story of two peoplesí journey of love, along with the many obstacles keeping them apart. -- Elizabeth Ford,

Book Jacket:

Are they willing to risk love and freedom for queen and country?

Heather Gordon has enjoyed the privileges of sixteenth-century Scottish nobility her entire life. Despite this comfort and ease, she yearns for a more fulfilling existence. Her prayers are soon answered--though not quite the way she expected.

Duncan Mackenzie has never known a life beyond the rugged Highland countryside. When a daring rescue is planned to free Mary, Queen of Scots, Duncan finds he is the key to unlocking the fortress where she is imprisoned. But first he must shed his rough Highland ways and learn to behave as a fine gentleman--something only a member of the nobility can teach him.

Heather and Duncan find themselves drawn together against their better judgment to complete this daring rescue. But in the close quarters of Duncan's remote Highland cottage, there is more stirring than political rebellion. Deceit, betrayal, and unexpected love draw you into this gripping story.