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Trade Paperback
496 pages
Aug 2008
Revell Books

The Rook (The Patrick Bowers Files, Book 2)

by Steven James

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In The Rook, Steven James’ sequel to his novel The Pawn, FBI agent Patrick Bowers is investigating a series of arsons, only to find that the trail leads to a kidnapped woman, a serial killer, and a military-sponsored research project that no one seems to know anything about. But the closer he gets to uncovering the mystery, the more he finds that those closest to him are being placed in harm’s way.

The Rook is not an overtly Christian book. The characters are not professedly Christian, and they make only brief, vague allusions to God or religion. There is no profanity, but there is a fair amount of violence, and there are some sexual references. Nevertheless, there are many explorations of religious themes, such as the main character’s struggle with his violent nature. His internal battle is like that of Paul, who wrote in Romans 7:19, “For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing.”

Steven James writes short, snappy chapters, and his action-packed book is filled with many twists and turns. Amidst the thrills, he also includes interesting information about Bowers’ specialty: environmental profiling. In a few places the dialogue seems a bit directed, but for the most part, the author manages to let you forget he is there, letting you read the story uninterrupted.

Although the writing may prove too intense for many readers, the scientific and investigative details should appeal to readers of other contemporary thrillers. Ultimately, James tells a tale filled with danger and deception, but also with a subtle, veiled message of redemption. – Nathan Biberdorf,

Book Jacket:

While investigating a series of baffling fires in San Diego, Special Agent Patrick Bowers is drawn into a deadly web of intrigue where nothing is as it appears to be. With a killer on the loose and one of the world's most deadly devices missing, Bowers is caught in a race against time to stop a criminal mastermind's trap before it closes around the people he loves.

Full of fast-paced action and mind-bending plot twists, The Rook is an adrenaline-laced page-turner that will hold you captive until the very end.