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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Feb 2009
Revell Books

Pray Big for Your Child: The Power of Praying God's Promises for Your Child's Life

by Will Davis

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According to Will Davis, Jr., in his book Pray Big for Your Child, most parents don't have a clue as to how to pray effectively for their children. Either they pray generic prayers, such as, "Help Tommy today, Lord," or they will pray silly prayers, such as, "Lord, let Susie outrun all the other girls in every event and take home all the medals and trophies just for herself today," or they will pray limited prayers, such as, "Just get Linda through this one day without drugs, Lord, and I'll be happy." Davis says that God is not hamstrung or limited, and that He is capable of lavishing blessings on our children and grandchildren, if we'll just bring our petitions to him.

Davis begins by pointing out how God used children and young adults for mighty deeds throughout the Bible. David was a boy when he killed Goliath; Daniel and his three companions were teenagers when they defied the Babylonian king; Mary was a teenager when she was called upon to bear the Christ child; and Jesus, himself, was probably around 12 when he went to the Temple and taught the elders. Knowing this, Christian parents should not be hesitant to pray for God to anoint their children for mighty service to the Lord.

Additionally, Davis points out that because of rampant drug use, Internet pornography, increasing divorce statistics, and poor inner city schools, children are more in need of prayer than ever before. He teaches that parents should give their children as much good training and education as possible, so that when they discover their spiritual gifts they will be prepared to maximize their careers and their Christian service. He also says that it is never too soon to start praying that a child will grow up to find a righteous mate for life.

Davis loves to share anecdotes to illustrate his points. One true story is about when his 13-year-old son was lost during a family mountain climbing trip in Colorado. The terror of those hours until he was located again reminded Davis of the equal danger young people are in when they are abandoned to a world filled with emotional, mental, and psychological cliffs and pitfalls.

Written with the heart of a pastor who is also a parent, this book is sincere, biblically accurate, and interesting. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Talking to your kids is important. Talking to God about them is critical.

If you're a parent, nothing touches your heart more deeply than your child. Whether it's learning to talk, choosing a vocation, or accepting the gift of salvation, every step in your child's life matters to you--and to God. His Word is filled with promises just waiting to be fulfilled on behalf of your child.

Using Scripture as your guide, discover how to confidently and powerfully apply the most effective parenting tool available--prayer. Learn how to boldly pray big, audacious prayers for any stage or circumstance in your child's life.

Pray Big for Your Child is packed with relevant prayers to get you started, including specific prayers for both daughters and sons. It includes a powerful thirty-one-day prayer guide and twelve around-the-clock reminders to help you pray for your child throughout the day.