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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Mar 2006
Revell Books

Sexy Girls: How Hot Is Too Hot?

by Hayley DiMarco

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Are you wondering why worldly guys act interested in you, but the really godly guys don't? Is your daughter struggling over how to fit in with her friends while not making you and her dad go ballistic? Are you looking for material to help the girls in your youth group understand their responsibility to the guys around them when it comes to clothing? Hayley DiMarco's Sexy Girls may be just what you need.

Don't let the cover turn you off. It's a sexy girl in a halter (at least I think it's still called a halter) top and low-cut jeans with lots of skin showing. DiMarco's take on the issues of modesty and our feminine responsibility to God and the men around are much overdue.

DiMarco's goal is to "help you figure out your image--who you are, who you want to be, and who you want others to thing you are." (13) To do that, she starts with what seeing lots of female skin does to guys, even icky guys, even old guys. She recommends humility over self-esteem and developing character by losing weight through exercise and diet rather than liposuction. She tries to get girls to understand the dangers of alcohol and of bad friends based on the Bible. She then encourages them with ideas for forming a fashionable affordable wardrobe.

DiMarco writes in a frank, hip, conversational style that should appeal to young readers, but she doesn't play fast and loose with the Scripture. She includes quotations, startling statistics on alcohol, liposuction, and male vs. female items in bathrooms. She also provides letters from young readers and her answers. Certain sections of the book provide working areas for the readers to respond to her questions. DiMarco, the author of Mean Girls and Dateable and the founder of a think tank called Hungry Planet, seeks "to give practical answers for life's problems and encourage girls to form stronger spiritual lives." (141)

Her approach to the problem of immodesty impressed me. I disagreed with only one small section of what she wrote. "Modesty is about looking normal. Not drawing tons of attention to yourself so that you shock people or cause them to stumble." (117) She spends the majority of the book letting girls know about the importance of not showing too much skin. Yet in some settings, such as on a beach, "looking normal" could mean showing lots of skin. This statement weakened her argument in my mind.

Would I recommend Sexy Girls to young women? Oh, yes, I already have some in mind! Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

If it ain't on the menu, keep it covered up!

Let's get real. You wanna look good. If you're like most girls, you want the attention of the opposite sex. And unless you've been living under a rock, you know that looking sexy is supposedly key to being today's "it" girl.

But have you stopped to consider that you're advertising with every outfit you put on? It's all marketing. Your clothes tell the world (including those visual creatures called guys) who you think you are.

Just because skin is in doesn't mean you have to let it all hang out to look great. Sexy Girls is all about helping you understand your body and how guys look at it. (And they are looking!) It explores why God cares about what's in your closet and helps you make good decisions on style that will keep you, your parents, and God all satisfied.