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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Jun 2005
Revell Books

Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture: New Direction for Life's Dramas

by Donna Partow

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Donna Partow speaks up again with her usual flair and candidness in this new book: Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture. The author’s unique way of seeing things and speaking her mind makes this book a winner. The subtitle, Putting Life’s Problems Into Perspective, relates the main purpose of the book: having difficulties out of perspective may result in others paying attention to us, but we make ourselves miserable in the process.

Many of Partow’s writings encourage women to change lifestyles and habits that hold them back, from becoming persons fit to serve God and from living lives they can fully enjoy. This one is no exception. It is based on the idea that we over dramatize our problems to the point that we cannot get past them. She calls us porcupines—having some good points but not being pleasant to be around. Some of the topics Partow addresses are hypochondria, stress, bad nerves, depression, no time, difficult marriages, not enough money, church troubles, and parenting woes.

Donna Partow has at least ten other books, including the best seller: Becoming a Vessel God Can Use, This Isn’t the Life I Signed Up For, and Walking in Total God-Confidence. Partow is a public speaker, both transparent and authentic, who travels extensively speaking to women about God’s power to transform lives.

Each of the twelve chapters provides the reader with further Scriptures to study, questions to ponder, and a suggested movie to watch; The Hiding Place, Documentary on the Lost Boys of Sudan, House of Sixth Happiness, and Chariots of Fire are some suggested to compare problems and gain a better perspective on life. Also included is a 7-step program to freedom from self-centeredness.

I recommend this book highly. The lessons are laid out so they could be used for a lady’s home study or as a personal study that will help the reader become less self-absorbed and more content with her situation in life. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Ever think your life could be this week's made-for-TV movie?

If so, maybe you are putting too much emphasis on the drama of life. Sure, every woman deals with some drama, but when things feel like they're out of control, there is a way to escape: by putting problems into perspective.

In Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture, Donna Partow uses her own "it could have been a major motion picture" life experiences to challenge you to take a closer look at your life. With humorous stories and faith-enriching insights on how to become all you want to be as a follower of Christ, Donna encourages you to revel in the joy of God's grace, no matter where you are in life and in your relationship with God.

Honestly and openly communicating heartfelt struggles faced by countless women everywhere, Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture will teach you to let go of the drama, stretch your soul, and draw closer to God.