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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Sep 2011

Smart Office Organizing: Simple Strategies for Bringing Order to Your Workspace

by Sandra Felton & Marsha Sims

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When Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims combined their areas of expertise to write Smart Office Organizing, they came up with a book that is pragmatic in its systems and plans but is also emotionally and psychologically sympathetic toward people who are clutter prone and frantically disorganized.

This book provides step-by-step instructions (often with charts and graphs) on how to position furniture to maximize office space and convenience. It explains how to clean out desk drawers, empty file cabinets, organize work areas, and set up filing systems. It also provides lessons on how to manage time, control email, reduce paper flow, and delegate work assignments. Both of the authors are consultants on office efficiency and personal goal setting and work ethics.

However, beyond the functional procedures provided in this book related to organizing an office, the authors take time to explain why individuals become pack rats, procrastinators, and debris collectors. They explain why bad habits need to be broken and channeled into more positive behavior. They set forth probing questions that force readers to examine themselves in light of their image, their work output, and their individual disciplines. Often, the answers are embarrassing, but vital in regard to getting people on track toward success.

Although the Bible is quoted from time to time, this is not a Scripture lesson or sermon. Instead, it is a collection of chapters in which organizational coaches share real-life stories of people, their problems in getting organized, and their abilities to improve in ways that help themselves, the companies they work for, and their friends and family members. In a readable, non-threatening delivery, this book teaches systems while offering cheerleading encouragement for improvement. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Ever feel like your office eats important papers? Are you constantly playing catch-up and putting out fires? Do you have a maximum of six square inches of desk space on which to work because the rest is piled with papers, books, and other stuff you "plan to put away soon"?

You're not alone. Being organized and efficient doesn't come easily for most of us. Whether your office is at work or at home, Smart Office Organizing offers you tips and tricks for reining in the chaos and creating a personalized system that works. Organizing experts Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims help you

  • assess the mess
  • keep the desk under control
  • conquer piles of papers needing to be filed
  • stay organized even during those nonstop busy days
  • maintain order over the long haul
  • and much more

Full of insight, humor, and questions that help pinpoint problems and suggest solutions, Smart Office Organizing is an upbeat must-read for anyone who feels organizationally challenged and would like to change their office space for the better.