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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Aug 2007
Revell Books

Clear Blue Sky

by F.P. Lione

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In this novel about the attack on the World Trade Centers on 9/11, what drops out of a Clear Blue Sky clarifies all of the muddiness in Tony Cavalucci’s life. Tony is a cop in Midtown Manhattan, facing the same stresses as everyone else: making ends meet, trying to keep off the alcohol, and mediating between his feuding, dysfunctional family and his fiancée. He’s been avoiding church, too, because he thinks the pastor and the soloist are having an affair. We follow him and his buddies on the streets, out fishing together, and interacting with family for a week.

When his family breaks into a brawl in front of his fiancée, her son, and his partner’s Christian family, Cavalucci thinks things can’t get much worse. Suddenly neither his fiancée nor his family is talking to him.

Then, as he and his partner head home on the morning of September 11, they see smoke pouring out of the World Trade Center. Before they can reach the building, they see the second plane strike the second tower. As their precinct rushes to help, they almost end up in one of the towers, but his captain refuses to obey orders. Through the next few days of horror, the police officers and firemen experience moments of utmost tragedy mixed with tenderness and camaraderie.

F.P. Lione, the writing team of Frank and Pam Lione, establish the mundane problems of life by leading us through the week before 9/11 and into the horror of it. All of the ordinary problems seem overwhelming until something truly devastating puts everything in perspective. The Liones explore what really matters—our relationship with God, loved ones, our nation, and those around us—through Tony’s viewpoint. As Tony deals with questions of enduring temptation, how to be honest with those he loves most, what to do when men we look up to fall into temptation, and the order of our loyalties in relationships, his partner and Christian mentor, Joe Fiore, models and discusses them with a look at Scripture. Tony repeatedly deals with what it means to “leave and cleave” from Genesis 2:24. When it looks as if Tony will lose both his fiancé and his family, the terrorists strike.

Clear Blue Sky does not easily slip into a genre. It’s neither your typical police procedural, nor a typical suspense story. It relies more heavily on character than most suspense stories, yet shows a solid grounding in police procedures, camaraderie, emotions, and humor due to the Liones’ extensive police background. The humor comes across as strongly realistic. Without being sentimental, the Liones take the reader back to 9/11 to relive that day, but from the perspective of those involved most closely. – Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

It's the beginning of a gorgeous September in The City That Never Sleeps. Summer may be officially over, but Labor Day Weekend means ethnic festivals and dancing in the streets and lots of overtime for police officer Tony Cavalucci. When crowd control gets unusually dangerous, Tony starts to wonder why he even does this kind of work. And going home doesn't bring him any more respect. His neurotic and dramatic family disapproves of both Tony's fiancŽe and the positive changes in his life.

But Tuesday is coming, and Tony hasn't seen anything yet.

On September 11, Tony finds himself in brand-new territory. As he fights to survive and help others survive as well, he learns again what family means, what faith means, and what life itself means. This fast-paced and deeply moving page-turner is at times funny, at times horrible, and always full of humanity, compassion, and the presence of God.