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176 pages
Feb 2005

Three Days: A Mother's Story

by Melody Carlson

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Three Days by Melody Carlson portrays a fictionalized look at Mary's life--from the conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit to Jesus' dying on the cross and His resurrection. The story begins with Mary at 14 years old, willing to bear the Son of God and the rejection she feels from her mother. Throughout the book Mary’s emotions are revealed as Carlson relays the story of the birth of Jesus, her marriage to Joseph, their escape from Herod, and later the life of Jesus growing up.

The story is written in the first person, with Mary telling her story. Mary's love for Jesus, Joseph, and the rest of her children is well told. The most unforgettable experience is when Jesus is crucified and Mary accepts the idea of Jesus being her Lord, not her son.

After the birth of Jesus, Mary keeps her knowledge of the messiah to herself for many years. We are drawn into Mary's thoughts and feelings as she tells some of the events as recorded in the Bible concerning Jesus.

In Three Days, Mary is a sensitive, generous, and hard working girl and woman. She realizes her other children are jealous of Jesus, and they don't regard Him as being God's Son. Mary continues to pray for her family and friends, and later becomes a true believer and witness.

I found this story refreshing, and it put a human touch to the well-known story of the life of Christ. I think most young Christians would enjoy the book, and I would recommend it. -- Dorothy Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Have you ever wondered what it was like for Mary? How did she feel about being the mother of Christ? What was she thinking as she fixed his childhood wounds, listened to him address hundreds on a hillside, and watched him turn water to wine? And what was she feeling as she witnessed her beloved son's crucifixion?

A fictionalized story of Mary's life, Three Days is rife with motherly love, deepening faith, worry and despair, and ultimately, eternal hope. If you've ever marveled at Mary's faith, wondered how she endured, or wished to know more about her, you'll love this imagined look into Mary's deepest emotions and richest experiences as the mother of God's own Son.