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192 pages
Aug 2004

Naked Fruit: Getting Honest About the Fruit of the Spirit

by Elisa Morgan

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The fruit of the Spirit are the subject of Elisa Morgan’s Naked Fruit: examining the fruit, describing its characteristics, followed by practical application questions to assist a reader in preparing the soil of life to bear fruit. A remarkably easy-to-read, yet significant work on how busy moms, or any woman for that matter, can see fruitfulness.

A mom who is also the president and CEO of MOPS, Morgan speaks with the sincerity of a girlfriend who knows what she is talking about, and with the authority of one who has spent time cultivating good fruit. She admits her faults and encourages the reader from a place of empathy and compassion without being smug or “holier than thou.” This author does not give you the spiritual white glove test, but offers a hand of friendship and sisterhood instead.

By using the stuff of a mom’s life -- preparing meals, grocery shopping, dealing with others -- Morgan relays the essential trials and tribulations with refreshing honesty. The busy mom will not find this book overwhelming, but easy to manage and applying practically to her everyday life.

This is no highbrow piece of literature, but neither is it to be overlooked for its conversational style. It is an encouraging exhortation for moms to be kind to themselves, which will ultimately result in being kind to others. Each aspect of the fruit of the Spirit is handled this way; it is a gardening basics manual for producing fruit of the Spirit. All moms, and any woman, single or otherwise, could benefit from reading this book. – Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

It's not about nice

Love? Yes. Joy? Definitely. Peace? Positively. Patience? Yep. (Like it or not). Kindness? Goodness? Faithfulness? Check, check, and check. Gentleness? Of course. Self-Control? Even when you'd rather not.

Niceness? Nope.

Relax. This book isn't about being nice. MOPS International President and CEO Elisa Morgan helps busy women like you get past "nice" Christianity and get to the honest, simple truth: the fruit of the Spirit is about being like Jesus.

Take a look at the fruit of the Spirit in a way you never have before. And let your unique personality bear fruit that makes a difference.

Living out the character of Jesus is simpler than it seems. Elisa Morgan reveals that it's not always about being kind and happy, but living honestly and reflecting Christ to those around you.