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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Apr 2004

Legacy Lane

by Robin Lee Hatcher

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Legacy Lane, the first in the Hart’s Crossing series of novellas by Robin Lee Hatcher, is a prodigal story, though not one of the living-in-a-pigsty-and-eating-cornhusks variety. In the seventeen years since she left the small town of Hart’s Crossing, Idaho, Angie Hunter has lived just fine, thank you.

A big city newspaper reporter, Angie has a consuming career and every material thing she could want. But shortly before a planned trip home to help her mother recuperate from knee surgery, Angie is passed over for the city editor position she’s devoted her life to acquiring. Angry and disillusioned, she hands in her resignation and heads to Hart’s Crossing bereft of the only thing that’s given her life meaning.

Enter her mother; her old friend, Terri Sampson; and an old high school crush, Bill Palmer – committed Christians all. In different ways, each sets about to convince Angie that real life consists of not an absorbing career or material blessings, but of relationships, and one relationship in particular.

Angie has shunned Christianity since her teens when a life-changing conversion sent her mother on a crusade to make Angie “see the light,” too. But as Angie sees faith played out in the lives of her friends and her mother, she begins to question her previous assumptions. Then, an encounter with an old high school acquaintance – a girl whose life, unlike Angie’s, had ended up in the pigsty – triggers some intensive soul-searching that leads Angie to reconsider her life goals.

Legacy Lane is an enjoyable book, but probably due to the constraints of the novella format, it lacks the depth of some of Hatcher’s other works. The Christian characters are a little too perfect, and though Angie’s friend, Terri, has had a difficult life, there’s little sense that the characters have struggled much with their faith. The romantic interest, Bill Palmer, is almost too good to be true. Editor of the Mountain View Press, “the handsome president of the senior class,” though nearly 40, is still unattached, waiting, it seems, for just such a time as Angie’s homecoming.

Legacy Lane can easily be read in one sitting, and despite these minor flaws, it’s a book sure to give busy women an hour or two of reading pleasure. – Linda Whitlock, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Angie Hunter left Hart's Crossing for college and never looked back. So when her widowed mother needs care following surgery, Angie is more than ready to hire a nurse rather than return to her antiquated hometown. But when she is passed over for a promotion at work, an angry Angie quits and heads home anyway.

Francine Hunter is both excited and nervous about having her daughter home for the next two months. She sees this as her chance to make a new connection with her estranged daughter. Will she be able to nudge Angie toward faith without overdoing it? Or will Angie pack up and leave for a new job as soon as Francine has recovered?