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224 pages
Feb 2004

Sweet Success: 12 Proven Habits of Winning Leaders

by Bill Byrd

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Sweet Success's title is a pun on the fact that Bill Byrd made his fortune by creating and selling high end, fine quality chocolate products. This theme carries throughout the book. For example, Byrd explains that although a machine can punch out candies ten times faster than a hand-dipped line, the finished product isn't as attractive, as tasty, or as smooth. Similarly, businesses that just push people to the limits don't develop workers of the highest quality.

“One of the chief attractions of this book is that Byrd tells of many of his mistakes and failures. Though wealthy and successful, he is also humble, vulnerable, and honest. What he learned the hard way, his readers can learn vicariously. Byrd's sharing of Bible verses at various points in his book add credibility to and support for his lessons, suggestions, and rules.

“Although the book is targeted at executives and leaders, it also provides a blueprint for Christian entrepreneurs who would like to create a company or start a successful business. Co-author Larry K. Weeden is a former editor with Thomas Nelson Publishers and now with Focus on the Family. His editorial organizational skills and writing talents make this a readable book full of keen ideas and logical practices.” -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When Bill Byrd talks shop, leaders listen. This Texas entrepreneur has tasted sweet success with nearly every business venture he's undertaken, from restaurants to chocolate factories. His secret? Hard work-the old-fashioned kind involving rolled-up sleeves and elbow grease-and incorporating biblical principles into his business plan.

In Sweet Success, Byrd shares stories from the trenches and twelve practices he's learned and used to achieve success in business and life. Among others, Byrd emphasizes these healthy habits:

  • Get your people talking
  • Put good work ahead of money
  • Don't try to go it alone
  • Never rest on your laurels
  • Earn credibility every day
  • Pursue new ideas no matter what
  • Humble yourself

By using Byrd's twelve proven practices, leaders in all businesses and organizations are sure to increase productivity, contentment, and loyalty among workers and members.