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32 pages
Sep 2006
Revell Books

Princess Madison and the Whispering Woods

by Karen Scalf Linamen

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Princess Madison and The Whispering Woods is an enchanting blend of royalty, knights, archery and adventure, as well as cell phones, TV, Band-Aids and Rice Krispies Treats.  Madison delights in hearing her father, the King, tell her how much he loves her.  Then she disobeys, gets lost in the Whispering Woods, has lots of adventures and problems, and begins to think her fatherís love must be dwindling because of her disobedience.  But Dad comes to the rescue and Madison finds out his love does not dwindle.  

Award winning author and mother Karen Linamen, writer of the bestselling Just Hand Over The Chocolate and No One Will Get Hurt, brings parental expertise and Christian understanding to this story.  Written at reading level grade 2-4, Princess Madison catches the imagination immediately.  Phyllis Hornungís colorful, detailed, light-filled, full-page illustrations bring the story to life.  This volume is part of the Princess Madison Trilogy which also includes Princess Madison and the Royal Darling, and Princess Madison and the Paisley Puppy.

An enjoyable picture book for older ones to read for themselves and younger ones to listen to, Princess Madison provides adventure, fun, a good lesson about family love, and an even better lesson about Godís love.  It will be welcomed by schools, churches, families, and other childrenís groups.  The pretty cover attracts attention, making Princess Madison an eye-attracting gift. Ė Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In this anticipated follow-up to Princess Madison and the Royal Darling Pageant, Karen Scalf Linamen presents a charming story of Princess Madison trying to discover her value in God's eyes.

Madison finds herself in quite a pickle when she disobeys Cook and wanders into the woods alone to follow a pair of tantalizing butterflies. She gets farther and farther away from home. Hopelessly lost and afraid of losing her father's great love because of her naughtiness, Madison begins to cry. Will anyone come to her rescue? Will her father be able to love her even though she broke the rules?

Children will love to journey into the Whispering Woods with Madison to find out just how much God loves them.