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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Aug 2003
Thomas Nelson

Whose Voice the Waters Heard: A WWII Novel

by Robert Vaughan

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"On the brink of  'a day that will live in infamy,' two young lives cross paths in Hong Kong. When a world at war threatens the gentle love between a best-selling author and his beautiful Irish wife, they seek a REAL refuge. Robert Vaughn knows war, love, and the Lord, and in Whose Voice the Waters Heard, he weaves an intriguing tale that links all three. It’s like eating a piece of sweet cake . . . you just want more." -- Oliver North, former U.S. Marine and host of the nationally syndicated program Common Sense Radio with Oliver North

"Vaughan’s latest novel of World War II confirms his status as one of the very best American authors of his generation, especially when he writes of men and women in wartime. This is a novel illuminated by Christian faith and written by a veteran of our armed forces." -- Greg Tobin, former editor-in-chief of Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc. and author of Conclave

"Whose Voice the Waters Heard is an epic, full-bodied novel bringing back one of the most stirring and perilous times of our history. A masterful treatment of WWII, teeming with colorful characters. One of those rare novels which blends accurate history with colorful fiction. First-rate writing that entertains and instructs—exactly what a historical novel should do!" -- Gilbert Morris, bestselling novelist and teacher

"If you enjoy meeting and getting to know interesting, even heroic and inspiring people whose paths cross and recross during the Great War, then you are in for a treat when you pick up Whose Voice the Waters Heard. Robert Vaughan is a truly gifted storyteller with a knack for involving you in the situations and scenes of the naval war in the Pacific—from Pearl Harbor to Japan’s surrender. Not only did I like the characters and their stories but I also absorbed the feeling and the pace of life aboard the combat ships. A thoroughly entertaining book. I recommend it highly!!" -- C.E. Gurney, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (retired)

"Whose Voice the Waters Heard gives an excellent view of the people, places, and events of the Pacific arena during WWII. It took me back to my own time on board a submarine in those eventful days." -- W.J. Isbell, U.S. Batfish (SS310)

"It is not by coincidence that the title of Robert Vaughan’s latest book Whose Voice the Waters Heard is from the Navy Hymn. His novel is itself a hymn of men and women at war, extolling the virtues of honor, patriotism, and a deep and abiding commitment to faith." -- Ken Cumbie, Chaplain, Commander, U.S. Navy

"Vaughan captures the human side of war. Love, racism, ambition, crime, and heroism mix together in extraordinary effort and sacrifice. On the high seas and on the home front, exciting events weave together in the great adventure of the “greatest generation,” as the very globe shakes from the most explosive events ever in human history. Be warned: once you pick up this book you will set aside all else for the duration." -- Frank S. Virden, Captain, U.S. Navy (retired)

Book Jacket:

“O Christ, whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at thy word…” —from “The Navy Hymn”

This second WWII novel from decorated veteran, Robert Vaughan, has the same appeal as Touch the Face of God—painstaking research of military strategy, geography, and equipment—and a new set of intriguing, realistic characters. Patrick and Diane’s first meeting is anything but fanciful. In December 1941, Pat and his parents are returning from a holiday in Asia as conditions between Japan and the United States are deteriorating into certain conflict. Diane and her father, a missionary, are fleeing Japan at the heeding of their mission board. Providence has these young people on the same Pan Am Clipper that somehow manages to safely take off when the attacks on Wake Island and Pearl Harbor occur.

Flash forward. Both stationed in Pearl Harbor, Pat—now an officer on the USS ANGELFISH—and Diane—a translator for the Navy—rekindle their relationship and plan to marry. Unfortunate events, including the death of Diane’s father and of Pat’s ship steward, Choirboy, deepen their relationship, and the two are wed. But upon returning to his ship, Pat faces a crisis as a torpedo mis-launches, and he attempts to dislodge it alone. Sealed in the watertight room, Pat has an encounter with God—and with an old friend—that will save his life and the lives of countless others.