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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Mar 2005
WestBow Press

Wrapped In Rain: A Novel of Coming Home

by Charles Martin

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Wrapped in Rain has the power of a thunderstorm and the sweetness of a spring shower. This is no ordinary novel. This is Christian fiction at its very best!

Tucker and Mutt are the sons of Rex Mason, an incredibly wealthy Alabama businessman. Although Rex had the Midas touch with money, his hands only brought suffering to his sons and to Miss Ella Rain, the woman he hired to raise them. Rex’s drunken rages scarred the minds of these two boys, but it was Ella’s prayers and faithful love that touched their hearts.

Although Tucker and Mutt survived their childhood, their bitter memories remained vivid. Tucker tried to immerse himself in a successful career as an international photographer, while Mutt was committed to a mental hospital. This novel is an intimate look at the power of love and hate. Only one can survive and there is only One who can help.

Written in the first person and with an intriguing use of flashbacks, readers will almost feel they have stepped into the mind of Tucker. In ever-incriminating increments, the reader is shown the abuse these boys endured. Their father is seen in all of his vengeful wrath and with no redeeming characteristics. Yet, Miss Ella goes to battle for this family, as she kneels in daily prayer and clings to the promises in the Bible. Their home, Waverly Hall, becomes the arena where good and evil meet in a battle with everlasting consequences. And that battle is fought one memory at a time.

The story is filled with sharply defined contrasts, which accentuates the two pathways in life. The characters are drawn with an artist’s touch, and are completely unforgettable. Set in the South, the writing has a down-home feeling and captures this region with colorful descriptions.

At the end of the novel, the author writes that whenever he sees his books in a bookstore, he is amazed. This reviewer says that if she stops seeing his books in a bookstore, she will be greatly disappointed. Charles Martin is a Christian and a talented writer. His way of life gives vibrant power to the words he writes. Wrapped in Rain is a story that comes from above. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A southern novel of powerful emotion about Miss Ella Rain's lasting influence on two young boys.

The only good thing Alabama business mogul Rex Mason ever did was hire Miss Ella Rain to take care of his mansion, Waverly Hall, and to keep his boys-Tucker and Mutt-out of sight. A single and childless black woman of abiding faith, Miss Ella raised the boys, loved them like her own, and did her best to protect them during Rex’s drunken rages. After she died, however, Mutt’s mental disorder rapidly deteriorated and Tucker, alone and overwhelmed, committed Mutt to a mental hospital.

Now Tucker hides behind a successful career—traveling the world as an international photographer. But he can only run for so long. When Mutt escapes from the mental hospital and a childhood friend, Katie, reappears with an abusive husband on her trail, he must face the demons of his childhood. Rather than sink into tragedy, he must consider facing his father and opening his heart once again.

Wrapped in Rain is a tough and tender novel about weathering adversity and recognizing the many faces of love, regardless of who, how, where, or why. Love is a risk—but it’s far more dangerous to live without it.

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