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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Aug 2005
Nelson Books

Woman to Woman Wisdom

by Bettie Youngs, Ph.D.

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Geared toward middle-aged women, Woman to Woman Wisdom is written in a format very similar to a devotional book. The passages are longer than the typical devotion and focus on life lessons, each supported with Scripture and examples from the authors’ lives. In addition, every passage is followed by questions for discussion, verses for reflection, and a prayer.

Youngs, Fuller, and Schuller cover a wide range of topics that concern women ages 30 – 50, such as coping with stress, evaluating relationships, finding true love, advancing personal careers, improving one’s health, building trust, creating good memories, overcoming fear, finding time for rest and relaxation, and rearing children. All, of course, involve some lesson pertaining to God and a woman’s relationship with Him. Some of the passages are written in serious but gentle teaching; however, many are lighthearted and even comical. The personal life examples are easy to relate to and speak directly to a woman’s heart.

The authors have all led successful careers and have experience working with people. Youngs has earned two doctorates in child psychology. Fuller and her husband are the founders of Habitat for Humanity International. Schuller has a certificate in nutrition counseling and runs a program for elementary kids coping with their parents’ divorce.

Because of its short passages, I recommend this book to women with busy schedules. The questions for discussion at the end of each passage also make it ideal for church Bible study groups. The memorable lessons, however, may be felt and cherished by any woman’s heart and, therefore, the book not limited to any particular group. -- Bridgette L. Oakes, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Whether your heart is burdened or bursting with joy, nothing satisfies quite like talking things over with another woman. Regardless of the paths our lives take, all women are "sisters"-we speak a common language; we share a universal bond.

Because the hopes and dreams that both burden and give flight to a woman's heart dwell within all of us, we create relationships that are intensely rich, precious and prized. Thus, we comfort and encourage each other; we help each other through life's ups and downs; we know each other's experiences as if they were our own; we are a blessing to each other.

As this book of beautiful, inspirational life lessons reveals, sharing the experiences of our lives imbues us with a wisdom the soul reveres: Nothing happens without God's permission.