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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Mar 2005

Spiritual CPR

by Todd Phillips

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What is each individual’s personal message? What is the powerful “why” of one’s faith? Todd Phillips explores these questions in his book Spiritual CPR. Phillips knows that most Christians know how to share their faith, but do we know why we believe? This book explores the why of our faith and the act of sharing it with others

Phillips walks us through all of the misconceptions of and problems that Christians face with evangelism. He challenges the excuses that cause believers to avoid it. He explains why sharing the gospel is the most important and the greatest privilege given to man from God. He explains what Jesus meant when He told the disciples to go into the world and preach, teach, and baptize.

Have you ever brought a person back from the dead? Most likely none of us ever will in a physical sense. Yet, when we stop and take the time to talk to people about Christ, our desire is that He will bring them to life; they are dead without Christ and are made alive with Him. If physical life is this important, eternal life ought to be even more significant to us. Phillips wants us to view evangelism with the same passion we would have for saving physical lives.

Phillips proposes that evangelism comes down to one thing: joy. He wants believers to find complete joy through sharing their faith, and he wants the lost to receive joy through the message of the gospel. Lastly, the author focuses on different methods of evangelism, showing the wrong ways of witnessing and helping readers develop an evangelism strategy that is genuine for them.

Phillips adds two helpful appendices full of resources and tips. Also included is a reader’s guide that will pull together all of the helpful systems found in this book.

Phillips provides a well-rounded view of evangelism and inspires readers to move beyond their comfort zones. He gives a reason for evangelism that is not often heard – complete joy in Christ. It is an insightful book, and one that will be a helpful tool in reaching the lost. -- Madeline Kimes, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

If you could bring life to someone who was dead or dying, would you? There are many books that explain "how" to share faith and other books tell us "what" to share with people - but few books explore the "why." What the church needs is a compelling "why" to get out of their comfort zone and change the world with the gospel. Spiritual CPR will help Christians realize that the sharing of their faith produces a spiritually abundant life.