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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Oct 2004
Life Journey

Good Spousekeeping

by Dave Meurer

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Read Dave Meurer’s fifth book Good Spousekeeping: A His and Hers Guide to Couplehood. And you will find is not at all what it appears. It is not a book on how a man can keep his wife in her proper place. It is not on the surface even a serious book, but a hilarious look at ourselves as couples.

The author wrote this book because of the crisis facing marriages in America today. The divorce rate hovers now at fifty percent, and even higher within the church. Meurer claims that no matter how much a man and wife love each other, conflict is inevitable. The book includes pointers and lessons for couples who want to grow closer, each served up with a heaping spoonful of laughter.

Dave Meurer is a husband and father who also serves in the United States Congress as a congressional aide. He also writes for Focus on the Family, New Man, and other leading Christian publications.

The book contains thirty-six chapters, each about three pages which can be read in any short clip of time the reader may have. I found the book so amusing that I read it several chapters at a whack. With each anecdote, the author brings forward some great insights. For example, in the chapter titled “Synchronized Flailing,” the mishaps of a kayaking trip teaches that a husband and wife must work together to have a harmonious marriage. This might seem an obvious fact, but in many ways spouses may be working against each other and the confusion that results can do serious damage.

The last ten pages of the book is called “The Reader’s Guide” and has three to five questions to go with each chapter for further improving the reader’s marriage. One of the “Synchronized Flailing” discussion questions is “Do you have a dream, plan or goal in life that may be adversely affecting your marriage?” Scriptures are given that relate to the chapters. This book is funny and easy to read and yet has plenty of good marriage-building material in it. I would recommend it for young Christian couples and I think it would be a good choice for a home marriage enrichment group to base lessons on. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

David Meurer will keep you in stitches with this laugh-a-minute book about married life. Some really serious topics are included—finances, keeping romance alive—but the mirthful approach to the subject matter is refreshing! Meurer's writing is hilarious, and manages to stay funny throughout the book without "spouse bashing"! In fact, both husband and wife will come away with a little more appreciation of their differences.