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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Jan 2005
Life Journey

The New Slavemasters

by Bishop George D. McKinney

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In 1865 institutional slavery was abolished in the United States, but a more pernicious, masqueraded, self-imposed form of slavery continues. Long-time pastor, Bishop McKinney knows first hand the battle to free people from Satan’s bonds. In The New Slavemasters, he takes a strong, hard look at defeat and victory in this continually escalating war.

The New Slavemasters flows beyond its prime African-American audience, reaching out to Christians of all races and nationalities. Each chapter begins with relevant Bible content and a quote from African-American slave history. Building on this, McKinney illuminates his theme with a modern story of spiritual slavery affecting Christ-impacted people: drugs, materialism, racism, instant gratification, rage, gangs, war against children, sexual predators, and more, all drawn from today’s living. The core aim of the early chapters is to present snapshots of modern slavery, and consider the goals of the slavemasters compared with our Lord’s goals. Readers will recognize these descriptions and be able to add casualty lists of their own.

However, victory and freedom in the Lord is McKinney’s main goal. The bulk of this book gives Scriptural, up-to-date, very workable instructions for receiving Christ’s liberation, triumphing over the slavemasters, and building Christian fortress walls. McKinney speaks directly to people in all areas of society – individuals, single-parent and two-parent families, young, old, poor, rich -- emphasizing the importance of kinship between Christians. With the aim of helping both individuals and groups to “gain a deeper understanding of the love and dreams your heavenly Father has for you,” a Reader’s Guide with discussion pointers concludes this book.

Father, pastor, sociologist, theologian, doctor of divinity, member of the Honorary Committee of the Presidential Prayer Team, Bishop McKinney brings much learning, insight, and personal experience to The New Slavemasters. The following website provides further interesting commentary:

Whoever you might be, whatever color or denomination you might be, The New Slavemasters relevantly and valuably looks at you, your family, and your church’s life. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

It's slavery all over again. And Bishop McKinney is calling for a new kind of freedom from The New Slavemasters. This book exposes the slavemasters as Drugs, Gangs, Violence, and Sexual Promiscuity, among others. These forces are rooted in all things evil, and their primary goal is the destruction of the family. This book is an inspiration for every person of every race to recognize the bondage and break the chains that are destroying our entire nation!