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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Dec 2004
Group Publishing

Quick-to-Listen Leaders: Where Life-Changing Ministry Begins

by David Ping & Anne Clippard

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Quick-to-Listen Leaders will leave a lasting impression!

This book is based on the God-given wisdom found in James 1: 19-20. In these verses, Christians are encouraged to be quick to listen and slow to speak. While most people may think that listening comes naturally, the authors gently, yet firmly, show that this skill needs to be fully understood and properly practiced to achieve maximum benefits.

What is especially refreshing about this book is that the authors use Scripture as the basis for their teaching. Therefore, they are not implementing a bold new approach to listening, but are humbly reminding readers of infallible biblical truths. The result is a powerful message, which has a supernatural ability to transform lives and revitalize ministries.

The authors explain that the word “listen” has a threefold meaning and includes the ideas of hearing, understanding, and acting on what is being said. They have included many amazing stories of people who have incorporated these listening skills into their ministries with outstanding results. The book has an interactive feel with worksheets and questions designed to lead the reader on a personal application of this teaching. Most of the authors’ insights are displayed in concise visual forms for easy reference.

Although the primary audience would be Christian leaders, this reviewer feels that all believers will benefit from the book’s message. As the authors explain, listening is not only done with the ears, but with the mind and heart as well. There would be fewer misunderstandings among believers if everyone would follow these practical and realistic guidelines.

This book could be the basis for an exciting Sunday school class or small group study. There is a section at the end listing Scriptures dealing with key issues like caring, respect and empathy. The biblical wisdom, combined with the authors’ personal experiences and insights, make this book a vital tool in revitalizing ministries and recapturing a life-changing skill. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Learn the art of Christlike listening! Knowing how to listen to others is crucial to church leader counseling skills. So, transform your leadership by hearing with the heart and mind of Christ! You’ll also discover how to train others to counsel effectively and identify personal areas of communication weaknesses. This no-nonsense, reality-based book offers a unique combination of biblical and counseling perspectives. And it’s from seasoned veterans who’ve seen—and heard—it all. Its practical ideas will help pastors improve what matters most: how they build their relationships with others inside and outside their church.