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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Feb 2005
Bethany House

Till Shiloh Comes

by Gilbert Morris

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Till Shiloh Comes by Gilbert Morris is from the Bible story of Joseph, oldest son of Jacob's true wife -- his beloved Rachel. He was spoiled by his father and a "squealer" to his ten brothers born from Jacob's other wives and concubines. As if that wasn't enough, he tells them all about his dreams of the family bowing down to him! But God has plans for this young man.

First, his brothers beat him up and sell him as a slave to traders going to Egypt. Then, the wife of his master, Potiphar, falsely accuses him of trying to rape her. Yet even while in prison, Joseph stays true to God. He believes that God is going to bring good out of all of this and God blesses him -- even in prison. When God gives Joseph the interpretation of two new prisoners' dreams, Joseph prays this will be the means of his release from prison.

Little does he realize the place God will elevate him to and the rewards he will receive for his faithfulness. Then comes the day when he sees his brothers bowing down before him. Will he take revenge? Will he help them in their time of need? Does his father still live? This is a story of forgiveness. It is the story of God's intervention and protection concerning the nation of Israel. It is the story of change within a person's own heart when yielded to God and the example it can set for others.

When we face hard times, we can either yield to God or become bitter. Gilbert Morris shows us a beautiful example from the Bible of how yielding can bring blessing both to ourselves and others. He has done his usual great job of weaving a captivating story that blesses. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

His brothers intend to harm him, but God intends it for good...

Young Joseph hears from God through dreams but unwisely boasts to his older brothers that he will one day rule over them. In a jealous rage they conspire to kill him but decide instead to sell him as a slave.

While serving an Egyptian official, Joseph rises to a place of honor but is unjustly imprisoned when he offends the noblemanís wife. His divine gift for interpreting dreams brings him to the attention of Pharaoh, who bestows on this Hebrew slave unprecedented wealth and power.

With the fulfillment of his childhood dreams, it appears that Joseph will be the one chosen to carry on the family birthright, but Jacob makes a startling pronouncement: "The scepter will not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes...." Has God at last turned His back on Joseph?