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224 pages
Apr 2005
Bethany House

The Heart of a Teacher: True Stories of Inspiration and Encouragement

by Wayne Holmes, ed.

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Fashioned to appeal to teachers, and many other people, The Heart of a Teacher presents a thoroughly enjoyable gallimaufry of comedy, sorrow, heart-touching reminiscences, old stories, new ones, odd stories, and comfortable ones--something to fit any mood or need.

Authors of these vignettes range from famous ones like Corrie ten Boom, Barbara Johnson, Bob Stromberg, and J. Keith Miller to freelance authors who are parents, pastors, teachers, and reminiscent students just like you. Arranged into twelve sections based on the facets of a teacher, the more than 50 stories cover a wide range of subjects, including: the very effective volunteer court mentor movement; Corrie Ten Boom’s moving description of the spiritual depth of children with learning disabilities; a visit to a retired teacher with Alzheimer’s Disease and her reaction to an old pupil/teacher song; how love helped a brash young man with ADD make it through university; and a 10-year-old’s tombstone dream. If one or more of these stories ignites your imagination, the closing Permissions and Acknowledgements sections will help you follow-up with the authors.

Bethany House has presented all this in an attractive, pleasant feeling cover embellished with an engagingly front-tooth-missing reader. Pastor, author, and Toastmaster Wayne Holmes chose the narratives with an understanding heart, empathetic humor, and a Christian mindset. The Heart of a Teacher makes a very acceptable gift book, but will also be wanted in your own library. Other books in this series include The Heart of a Father and The Heart of a Mother. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

For teachers in need of refreshment and all who owe a debt of gratitude to their teachers, this collection of inspiring stories brings long overdue honor to the unsung heroes who teach, coach, and mentor. Each narrative will remind you of why you’re in the classroom while energizing you for a new day.

As you read these true stories from a variety of authors, including Barbara Johnson, Elmer Towns, Bob Benson, Cecil Murphey, Tracie Peterson, Penelope Stokes and many more, be prepared for touching moments and gentle reminders that God will carry you, as He is the constant source of strength.