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144 pages
Apr 2004
Bethany House

What a Daughter Needs From Her Dad

by Michael Farris

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“Michael Farris knows a thing or two about daughters. After all, he and his wife share six of them to whom he has affectionately dedicated his book, What A Daughter Needs From Her Dad. Although Farris’ name is familiar to most Christians as a constitutional lawyer who is the chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association and president of Patrick Henry College, what he has to say to fathers may not be quite as familiar. As a matter of fact, it may be seen as counter-cultural. It is a message that you won’t hear on TV or read in the newspaper.

“Written to fathers who know the ‘extraordinary pleasure of being the father of a daughter,’ it could also be a book for wives who want to encourage their husband’s desire to be ‘a better father to that little girl.’ It is a book aimed not at delinquent fathers, ‘the ones who have taken off,’ but ‘at the men who have shouldered the responsibility, who have stayed home, who are trying to be faithful.’ As the subtitle of the book indicates, How A Man Prepares His Daughter For Life, Farris addresses preparation for her eternal life, as well as life here on earth.

“It should come as no surprise that most fathers today do not understand the life-changing implications of their role as the father of a daughter. Many times, even the most well-intentioned Christian father may relinquish his role and his authority to other individuals or groups, to pursue his own dreams on the ‘altar of success.’ But as Farris points out, ‘Time is a great unit of measurement you can use to determine whether you love success more than you love your daughters.’ Avoiding long to-do lists that he admits can be ‘like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant’, he provides help in guiding a father through the maze of cultural distractions, serious stumbling blocks that are popular, and easy traps to which many fathers have become blinded. With many examples from his own life, the author takes the reader on a journey from a daughter’s earliest years through to adulthood. His years of experience, combined with godly advice from his own spiritual mentors, provide helpful insights such as what he calls ‘building blocks of love,’ or ‘basic commitments that successful dads use with their daughters to build character and positive relationships.’

What A Daughter Needs From Her Dad will help fathers of all ages to understand and relate to a daughter’s deepest, yet often unspoken, needs. Filled with practical advice from courtship to citizenship, this is book for those who want to build the foundation for a great father-daughter relationship, a relationship built on loving-kindness and nurtured with laughter, learning and listening.

“Yes, Michael Farris does know more than a thing or two about daughters. And after reading his book, you will too.” -- Susan Hammond, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What Special Role Does a Dad Play in His Daughter's Life?

She may be daddy's little girl today. But what about the years to come? Will you continue to be an important voice of influence, helping her to realize all the potential placed in her by God?

What a Daughter Needs From Her Dad pulls no punches, offering simple yet powerful techniques to help you be the kind of dad your daughter desperately needs. Michael Farris's insights will give you day-to-day strategies that can build character and spiritual strength in your growing daughter from infancy through the turbulent teen years and on into adulthood. Instead of glossing over common father-daughter conflicts that may arise, Farris offers solid, practical advice on issues including:

- choosing the right friends

- setting spiritual goals

- preparing for future career choices

- courtship and marriage