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240 pages
Jan 2004
Bethany House

Shop, Save, and Share (Updated Edition)

by Ellie Kay

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"How'd you like to lower your food budget 50-80 percent below the national norm— including toiletries, cleansers, and diapers? Impossible, you say? That's exactly what this self-proclaimed 'half-witted' mother of five has done. Ellie Kay has a monthly budget of $200, and wants to show you how to do the same, plus have leftovers to share with the less fortunate. In this witty, practical guide, Kay shares her secrets on coupon-clipping, simplifying your life, and donating groceries to needy organizations." -- Today's Christian Woman, Mar/Apr 1999

"Written with intelligence and humor, this book emphasizes saving money for a purpose: to share with others. Mother-of-five Ellie Kay shares her wisdom (even detailing a successful visit to 'The Price is Right,' where she won the Showcase Showdown!). This book could save you money and make you a blessing to others." -- Christianity Today

Book Jacket:

Would you like to cut your food budget by 50% or more? Save money on household supplies, clothes, and entertainment? Create a household budget that works? Ellie Kay’s Shop, Save, and Share program has helped thousands of families do just that.

But this is more than a plan to help you shop wisely and save money. You’ll discover creative ways to share with people in need—whether it’s groceries you bought on sale with coupons or money you saved to donate to a worthy organization.

Ellie’s irrepressible sense of humor combined with her desire to help others makes Shop, Save, and Share a smashing success. Using these easy-to-understand principles, you’ll quickly discover ways to save hundreds of dollars.