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Trade Paperback
416 pages
Aug 2005
Bethany House


by Kristen Heitzmann

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In Unforgotten by Kristen Heitzmann, readers find a quiet story that hits right between the eyes. It starts out in the 1930's with the murder and death of Antonia Michelli's father and grandfather, and the introduction of her husband-to-be, Marco.

Then it pans forward to today and the entrance of Lance Michelli, Antonia's grandson. Sent on a quest to his grandmother's ancestral home in California, he meets Rese, a renovation contractor who has bought the estate. Lance, the dreamer, loves the pragmatic Rese, but he constantly missteps with her.

When they have to go back to the Bronx to straighten out paperwork, and for Lance to deliver the items his grandmother requested, quiet Rese is shocked to find herself bombarded by Lance's profusion of relatives that all live in his Nonna Antonia's four-story brownstone.

Rese's faith is stretched and grown as she learns to enjoy and appreciate family. But she does not understand the depths of Lance's devotion to his family and God. His affinity with people and his compassionate heart, however, draw her to him like a magnet.

Will they ever get back to Sonoma to run the renovated inn? Will Rese's friend, Star, be able to release her hurt and let God love her? Will Rese be able to move her mother back home with her? Will Antonia find peace with the murder of her father and husband? Will Lance be able to settle the vendetta that God has laid on his heart?

Kristen Heitzmann has the gift of insight and portrays her characters vividly, such that a picture comes to mind immediately. Readers are drawn into the story as she presents sights, sounds, and smells with such clarity. Most of all, it is evident that God is working, but it is not certain how—just as in real life! -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Sequel to the Bestselling and Christy-Award Winning Secrets

Antonia quivered as the door closed behind them. Why wouldn’t Lance leave it alone? She had done all she could. She couldn’t change the past. Couldn’t...

Lance Michelli had traveled to his grandmother Antonia’s old villa in Sonoma to find the truth behind the secrets of her past. There he met Rese Barrett, the woman who now owns the villa and hides secrets of her own. Now Lance has returned to his grandmother with both Rese and the answers he has found. But Antonia refuses to hear what he has to say. Has she really misunderstood the events of that dark night so long ago? Antonia sends Lance on another quest. But this time he discovers that the past has influenced the present far more than anyone realizes. Lance is caught between the two women he loves as he uncovers unforgotten truths that could change them all forever.