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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Mar 2006
Bethany House Publishing

Summer of the Midnight Sun

by Tracie Peterson

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In the first book in the Alaskan Quest series, brother and sister Jacob and Leah Barringer raise sled dogs and run a trading post for the native people and a few missionaries. They love the rugged north, its peace and beauty, but there aren’t too many prospects for marriage here, and Leah fears God has decided not to provide her with the husband and children she desires.

Leah’s one and only love, Jayce Kincaid, strolls back into her life after a ten-year absence. However, love seems to have been replaced by bitterness and anger as she prepares to turn thirty. Jayce claims to have changed, to have given his life to the Lord, and is wondering if Leah might once again feel for him as she had when she was a girl of nineteen. When Jayce and Jacob, the two men Leah loves most, agree to join an arctic exploration team bound for the North Pole, how will this dangerous project impact her own future?

Meanwhile, another threat to Leah’s happiness, Helaina Beecham, arrives in Alaska looking for Jayce Kincaid, the man she believes is guilty of two murders and the attempted murder of her brother, an agent with the Pinkerton Detective Agency. A woman who has dedicated her life to making sure justice is served, wrongdoers are punished, and the law is upheld, Helaina relishes the assignment her brother has given her: find Jayce Kincaid and make sure he pays for his crimes.

This is Tracie Peterson’s second series set in Alaska. There are a lot of exciting twists in this plot. However, the characters seem underdeveloped, as is the main love story, but the author succeeds in showing that God does hold Leah’s future in his hands, and He will provide for her in His own perfect timing.

The author leaves us with a cliffhanger concerning Helaina Beecham, who is the character poised for the most change. Jacob Barringer introduces her to the concept of mercy, most unwelcome due to the course she has set for herself, stemming from the murder of her own family members. Jacob takes her to the Bible time and time again, and Helaina’s respect for him forces her to look at her attitudes in a new light. -- Melanie Dickerson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Leah Barringer and her brother, Jacob, have come to love the rugged Alaskan Territory they call home. But when Jacob determines to join an arctic expedition, Leah realizes her heart yearns for more than this solitary existence.

The unexpected arrival of Jayce Kincaid, the man who spurned her ten years before, awakens feelings that Leah would much prefer to leave buried. As Jayce sets out to prove he’s a changed man, Leah cannot deny the effect he once again has upon her. But the appearance of a young investigator casts a cloud over Jayce’s past…and over Leah’s dreams for the future.