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784 pages
Sep 2005
Bethany House

Systematic Theology, Vol. 4: Church/Last Things

by Norman L. Geisler

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“Norm Geisler’s Systematic Theology is a long overdue, and thus welcomed, contribution to the evangelical world, for it persuasively shows the importance and necessity of philosophical analysis in the theologian’s craft. Dr. Geisler has a pastor’s heart, a philosopher’s mind, and a theologian’s temperament. He’s a cross between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham, and the result is this outstanding systematic theology.” --Francis J. Beckwith, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy, Culture, and Law, Trinity International University

“Tremendous! Dr. Geisler’s Systematic Theology is a book no library should be without. There are few other works as exhaustive in their approach or as erudite in their presentation. This is definitely something you can sink your teeth into.” -- Josh McDowell Speaker, author of Evidence That Demands a Verdict, More Than a Carpenter

“A profound work from one of the finest theological and philosophical minds of our time.” -- Dr. Ravi Zacharias President, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Book Jacket:

In this volume, Dr. Norman Geisler explores the church and the last things, ecclesiology and eschatology. He begins with the church’s origin and then outlines its nature, government, and ordinances, addressing both the church universal and the church local while also examining spiritual gifts and the relation between church and state.

In part two’s remarkable presentation of time and eternity, Dr. Geisler expounds on the final resurrection, the intermediate and then final states of both the saved and the lost (heaven and hell), and the theories of purgatory and annihilationism. Then, turning specifically to biblical prophecy, he puts forth a basis for interpretational consistency before covering the Kingdom, the Covenants, the Second Coming, the Millennium, the Tribulation, and the Rapture.