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208 pages
Nov 2007
Bethany House

Growing Friendships: Connecting More Deeply With Those Who Matter Most

by Tracy Klehn

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Friends are like daisies, says Tracy Klehn in Growing Friendships. You nurture them, protect them, and love them, and they become something unmistakable, dainty, and beautiful. Your circle of friends is your daisy chain, and a daisy chain is a vital part of every woman’s life.

Throughout this book Klehn offers her views of and experiences with friendship, along with practical suggestions on how to “make your daisy chain grow.” “To follow the model of a relational God, we must work hard to connect with people,” she explains. And she exemplifies exactly what she means by this. Because friendships, like a flowerbed of daisies, take time and effort to cultivate, it’s important to be intentional while building them. Some of her suggestions include: making a conscious decision to just “go out and play” and spend time together; looking for new friends in unexpected places; encouraging friends in their gifts; supporting friends in hard times; and increasing honesty in relationships. She also offers tips on actions to avoid in friendships, and how to build God-focused friendships with people who will encourage you in doing things God’s way.

Klehn speaks both from her own experiences and those of her friends, and her advice is not applied just to friendship in general but is geared towards specifics. She recognizes that friendship is important and active in all seasons of life, and talks about friendship for women during their single and early career years, early motherhood, years of being a parent of school children, and empty-nesting, even addressing what to do when one of the “daisies” goes through a hard time or moves away. Her approach is honest and engaging. Each chapter contains practical suggestions on how to build friendships and apply the concepts explained, as well as words of wisdom from both the Scriptures (Proverbs 17:17: “A friend loves at all times”) and personal experiences and resources.

If you’re a woman who wants to see the relationships in her life bud and blossom, Tracy Klehn’s Growing Friendships is a practical, useful tool to have on your bookshelf. -- Lyndi Markus,

Book Jacket:

In our hectic lives, connecting with others can be a challenge. God offers friendships as a lifeline for women. But like flowers, relationships must be handled with gentle care. Tracy Klehn offers excellent advice for growing friendships. No matter who you are: single, a new mom, or an empty nester, discover how to find and develop meaningful new friendships as well as nurture current relationships. And learn how to adjust as friends grow apart, or you or a friend moves away. Make your life the joy-filled journey it was meant to be by filling it with growing friendships.