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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Oct 2007
Bethany House

Where My Heart Belongs

by Tracie Peterson

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In Tracie Petersonís novel, Where My Heart Belongs, Amy and Kathy are sisters who have taken two completely different paths in life, neither living a fairy tale. Amy, free-spirited and unwilling to settle down, left home with her inheritance, against her familyís wishes, in search of a more promising life. What she got, however, was misery. Twelve years later, she returns home as the prodigal daughter, bearing many scars and regrets.

The greeting she receives upon returning home is not at all what she had expected. Her mother is dead, her father is barely alive, the townspeople are bitter, and Kathy is constantly giving her the cold shoulder. Amy strives to earn her sisterís forgiveness and to reestablish the close relationship they once had. Yet, it will take much effort and patience to break through the barriers of her sisterís hardened heart.

Kathy had just laid to rest the pain and destruction caused by her sister Amyís disappearance and was trying to cope with her fatherís slow passing when suddenly her sister reappeared unannounced. Now Kathy must overcome her anger and resentfulness for her fatherís sake, a feat that she has much trouble accomplishing. Anytime their relationship begins to show signs of mending, something happens to embitter them once again.

Although Petersonís books usually contain an abundance of romance, Where My Heart Belongs sports only a little. The targeted audience of Petersonís book, however, still seems to be women.

Where My Heart Belongs contains frequent flashbacks of Amyís life during the twelve years she was away. The flashbacks are fast-paced and can certainly evoke strong emotions. All of the characters are believable and easy to relate to. Also, the insights shared in the book can readily be applied to a readerís life. I learned much in terms of trust, forgiveness, and honoring others. -- Christa Mullen, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Amy Halbert left home twelve years earlier, eager to cast aside the hindrances of small-town life. Her sister, Kathy, remained behind, left to witness the ripples of consequences that followed Amy's departure.

When Amy suddenly reappears, her arrival sends Kathy into a maelstrom of emotion. Bitterness and betrayal threaten to consume her as the past is reawakened. But Kathy soon realizes that Amy has had burdens of her own to bear....

Drawn together by their dying father's wishes, these sisters will travel down the difficult road of reconciliation...toward one another, and toward God.