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416 pages
Apr 2008
Bethany House

Road To Nowhere

by Paul Robertson

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Paul Robertson's novel, Road to Nowhere, is about a small South Carolina town that gets a new highway installed that immediately creates controversy and causes strife among all the locals. Additionally, there is a subplot that finds certain key characters investigating a murder that may possibly be linked to the way the city qualified to get the new highway. Graft? Corruption? Political connections? Kickbacks? The speculations abound, but the plot does not have a central sleuth working the case in a systematic manner. The main characters are well defined and distinguished one from another, but they are flat in the sense that the reader never bonds with them nor fully understands what each has as a driving motivation for wanting to keep the town in the sleepy existence it has had for decades or to launch it into a more connected 21st century existence.

The fictional experiment that this book gambled with was having the main character, so to speak, be a committee. This committee is responsible for making the decisions on behalf of the other members of the town. But trying to accept a group of people as one motivating force just doesn’t work in this instance. Whereas other novels use an ensemble cast, wherein eight people are traveling together on a cruise, for example, and the readers get to know all eight people intimately and care about them as individuals, this novel keeps the committee more or less homogenized and unified. As a result, the readers don’t know who to cheer for, who to distrust, and who to follow.

The scope of this novel is impressive, and the original idea for the plot is clever, but it fails to bring it off successfully. -- James Holstein,

Book Jacket:

A Simple Vote Could Mean Deadly Consequences

There's no trouble like a road…

In all the years Joe Esterhouse has served on the board of supervisors for Wardsville, North Carolina, never has a single piece of paper caused so much trouble. But after he reads it aloud at a meeting, this quiet little community will nearly be torn apart.

It's a simple invitation to complete the long-delayed Gold River Highway project but behind it are the reek of corruption and the shadow of something even more dangerous. With millions at stake in land and development deals—and millions to be lost for those in the road's way—everyone has something at stake.

As neighbor turns on neighbor, the weight of the decision falls on the members of the Wardsville board. Their vote will determine the fate of the project and the future of the town. But when someone may have gone as far as cold-blooded murder, is anyone safe?