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400 pages
Apr 2008
Bethany House

The Warriors

by Mark Andrew Olsen

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In The Warriors by Mark Andrew Olsen, Dylan Hatfield and his Special Ops team can feel the oppression as they enter the cave in Tora Bora. Soon Dylan can see demons scurrying about. But they have found something much worse than a few demons—a demonic stronghold. And from that stronghold a strong man is already seeking revenge on the United States for attacking Bin Laden.

At the same time back in California, Abby Sherman receives a vision from God that Dylan is in deep spiritual trouble. She receives a call from the leader of the Watchers, the group of women who watch the world spiritually, who is deeply troubled for Dylan. She is so troubled that she falls seriously ill and summons Abby, Abby’s mother, and the other watchers to her bedside at the hospital.

Because Abby and Sister Rulaz, the leader of the Watchers, have exchanged code words that relate to Dylan’s top secret mission, the National Security Administration tries to capture Abby. What Sister Rulaz has witnessed has destroyed her fragile hold on life. Abby rushes to her bedside in Jerusalem. With Rulaz’s dying words she sends Abby on a mission to call out the warriors, but Abby doesn’t know how or why. As she and her mother leave the hospital, the NSA force them into a car. The NSA demand to know how Abby knows these code words and lets her know that Dylan has been found but he is in a vegetative state, not expected to recover. Now they have gleaned information that terrorists plan to bring great destruction on the United States in only a few days, and that the Russians have lost a nuclear weapon.

Eventually Abby and Dylan join forces in Germany pursued by demon-possessed special ops agents intent on preventing them from finding an ancient archaeological message that will enable them to summon the Warriors and protect the United States.

If you like Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, and Mel Odom, you’ll love Mark Andrew Olsen’s writing. A mixture of spiritual and physical warfare, The Warriors is a fast-paced, engrossing story. Based on Ephesians 6:10-18 and 2 Corinthians 10:3-4, the story explores what may be entailed in real spiritual warfare. And it begs the question: does spiritual warfare ever include physical warfare?

Olsen shows an understanding of the spiritual nature of the War on Terror, and he touches on the darkness behind the motivation to hate. He also does a great job on description, whether jumping from a plane with a parachute, exploring a cave filled with hatred and evil, or the death of a saint.

Because of the action and the science fiction/fantasy/spiritual nature of the story, it will appeal most to young people, though its call to prayer is universal. This is an especially good book for young male readers. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A failed recon mission deep in the tunnels of Afghanistan has provoked a demonic onslaught that had been brewing for centuries. The mission's sole survivor is reformed black ops assassin Dylan Hatfield, and he once again teams up with Abby Sherman, now at the helm of the Watchers, an ancient spiritual force. Uncovering and preventing a secret wave of death whispered across cyberspace and threatening to be unleash against civilization will require another level of spiritual power and expertise—the Warriors.

Journeying across the Alps of Europe through the multilayered history of warfare in the unseen world, Dylan and Abby uncover an age-old stone engraving that rouses the church's Warriors to action, placing them dead center in one of the fiercest spiritual battles of their time!