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448 pages
Jul 2006
Bethany House Publishers


by Robin Parrish

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Be sure to take a deep breath before starting this book. As the story explodes with staccato-like shudders, readers will have no time to concentrate on anything else except turning the pages!

Collin Boyd became Grant Borrows and he doesn’t know how that happened. As Collin was going to work one morning, he saw himself walking down the other side of the street. A quick check at his reflection proved he had a different face, while the wallet he carried revealed a completely new identity. Collin--or Grant--then steps into the most incredible nightmare of his life. As he searches for a way out of this terror, he finds that he must first go deep within, to the very heart of a conspiracy that manipulates people with a calculated malevolence.

Debut novelist Robin Parrish expands the boundaries of speculative fiction. Brilliantly created layers of emotional intensity highlight the psychological and spiritual aspects of the story. Readers are rushed along in a raging current of action as the characters desperately try to battle against an unrecognizable danger. Information is revealed in a slow and steady way, providing answers while also raising intriguing questions.

The supernatural elements are described with imagination as well as intelligence, causing the resulting situations to have a disturbing feel of realism. Readers will enter into Grant’s mind to understand his fear, confusion, and rising sense of anger. The impotence created by this global conspiracy leads the characters into daring maneuvers designed as last-ditch efforts. An ancient prophecy ties everything together, but leaves the fulfillment to the promised sequels.

Relentless will quicken your pulse, send shivers of fear through your body, and change the way you look at life. And that’s just the first chapter. – Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In the space of a breath, what he thought was his life…shattered.

Grant Borrows has been Shifted--in the silence between heartbeats, his whole life fundamentally altered. There's another man in the world wearing his face and living his life. What's more, the man staring back from his mirror is a stranger.

But the changes don't stop at skin-level. Inexplicably, he's able to affect objects around him by simply thinking about them. And as he soon learns, he's become the central figure in a vast web of intrigue that stretches from an underground global conspiracy to a prophecy dating back over seven thousand years. Enemies and allies find him at every turn, but one thing they learn all too soon is that you don't want to push Grant Borrows too far...

Can destiny be undone?