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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Jul 2006
Bethany House Publishers

Waking Lazarus

by T.L. Hines

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Jude Allman has died three times. Each time he returns to life, his fame grows, along with questions. Tired of being a freak, Jude changes his name and retreats to Red Lodge, Montana. As school janitor Ron Gress, all he wants to do is blend in and block all memories of his past, often repeating the Tolkien-ish mantra, “Keep it secret, keep it safe.”

But secrets of the past are about to be blown wide open. A young woman named Kristina has discovered Jude’s whereabouts, and she insists there’s a purpose behind Jude’s journeys to the Other Side. Amid his skepticism, strange things start happening. Visions. Blackouts. An odd coppery taste in his mouth. Rescues.

Meanwhile, children are disappearing in the towns surrounding Red Lodge, and the police have no decent leads. As Jude begins to shed his reclusiveness, rumors of his psychic encounters pique the interest of the authorities. It’s only a matter of time before they learn his true identity, and that will signal the beginning of the end - unless he can find the real kidnapper.

With an intriguing premise, a likeable hero, and a villain worthy of Ted Dekker, Hines has created a glued-to-your-seat read with themes to ponder long after the book is closed. Suspense is kept throughout Waking Lazarus, and each of the characters perfect the delicate balance of withholding and giving information. The plot dips, curves, and loops until the final twist at the end. Recommended for suspense fans and anyone who wants the ride of his life. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Jude Allman has died and come back to life three times, becoming a celebrity against his own wishes. When the world crushes in around this unlikely miracle man, this modern-day Lazarus, he escapes into the vastness of Montana. He changes his name and withdraws from the public eye, trying to forget all that came before.

But the past, like Jude, won't stay buried.

A prowling evil circles his adopted hometown of Red Lodge, Montana. Children are disappearing, and Jude may have the key to solving the crimes—hidden inside the mysteries of his own deaths. His days of hiding are over, and now he must face the questions that have haunted him for years.

What if his resurrections aren't just accidents? What if there's a reason behind it all? What if he's been brought back just for this moment?