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352 pages
Mar 2008
Bethany House

Sister's Choice

by Judith Pella

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In Sisterís Choice, we again meet Ellie and Maggie Newcomb, sisters living in Columbia County, Oregon. It is August, 1882. Their family is busy helping make quilts for their brotherís wedding coming up in a short time. Also, Ellie is engaged to be married at Christmas so everyone has plenty to do.

However, if you cannot sew and are not much of a cook, such as Maggie, it is a hard time. Also, she would rather be fishing or working in the barn than listening to ladies chatter all day. That is, until Mabel Parker approaches her one day about helping her match her brother, Evan, with Miss Tamara Brennan. Evan is a fledgling lawyer just back from school in Boston. He is also very shy and bumbling around women.

Tamara is a beautiful, wealthy young woman that Evan had met while rooming with her brother in college. If Maggie would help Evan woo Tamara, Mabel would help Maggie win Colby Stoddard, a young man Maggie had "loved" forever!! He was handsome, athletic, and chased by all the girls in the county. Maggie was 18 now and did not want to be an "old maid."

So Maggie arranged a meeting with Evan to discuss Evan helping her friend, Tommy, who is accused of murdering his father. She figures this would be a way to bring up a plan to help each of them win their "loved" one.

As you can imagine, this plot has many possible snags already. It also has many you cannot predict. This is a great book that keeps you guessing and wanting to keep reading. Judith Pellaís portrayals of her characters are subtle but thorough. She knows how to keep you guessing but also feeling that you are "ahead of the game." Yet through it all, you are learning some valuable lessons, too.

This was an enjoyable book and looks to be part of a great series. -- Linda Demorest,

Book Jacket:

She had thought he was the one...

Now she's not sure of anything.

When it comes to quilting, Maggie Newcomb is all thumbs. And nobody rubs it in more than Emma Jean Stoddard. But Maggie swallows her ire for one simple reason: she has a crush on Emma Jean's handsome son, Colby, and doesn't want to ruin her chances. So she works hard to become the best quilter in Maintown.

Her plan seems to be working--until Tamara Brennan comes to town. Tamara is wealthy, poised, and beautiful. Several of the local boys are immediately smitten with her, including Colby Stoddard. Desperate to keep Colby's attention, Maggie devises an elaborate plan with her friend Evan. But her scheme brings unexpected consequences, and before long Maggie isn't sure what her heart truly desires.