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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Feb 2006
Bethany House Publishers

I Can't Do It All: Breaking Free from the Lies that Control Us

by Tracie Peterson, A. Bottke, D. OBrian

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Satan's utmost desire is to deceive us, to keep us distanced from our relationship with God. He does this through propagating lies that in time become acceptable truth to us. (Allison Bottke, p. 53)

Tracie Peterson, Allison Bottke, and Dianne O'Brian debunk fourteen of these lies in I Can't Do It All! Using revealing anecdotes and Scripture, they describe how the world's lies have become powerful even in the lives of Christians, explore the devastating effects, and consider what Christians can do about it in their lives. These lies have become commonplace, insidious, and destructive throughout our society.

Peterson refutes the lies:

  • I deserve to have it all.
  • I can't trust anybody.
  • I don't have time to be healthy.
  • True love is like a romance novel.
  • The more I do, the more God likes me.
  • I don't need God.

Bottke confronts the ideas that:

  • I need (fill in the blank) to make me happy.
  • I can make my own truth.
  • I must be thin to be happy.
  • It's my choice.

O'Brian tackles:

  • I can do it all.
  • If I'm unhappy, I don't have to stay.
  • I can be young forever.
  • I don't need to forgive--and I don't deserve forgiveness.

In most chapters, the writer has experienced the power of the lie in her own life, and reveals something from her experience. Through anecdotes and reasoning, the reader is compelled to identify how the lies have affected her own life. Peterson, Bottke, and O'Brian have a good emphasis on prosperity not equaling godliness, and an excellent chapter on abortion. They also discuss the prevalence of sexual immorality among professing Christians. They do support the idea of forgiving oneself, which I don't find scriptural support for, but other than that they have a good discussion of forgiveness.

Though the book is most appropriate for women, men would gain much also from it. Each chapter ends with questions which make the book suitable for personal or group study. It could prove very helpful for a teenage girls' Sunday school or Bible study also. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Freedom From Dangerous but Attractive Lies

  • It's my choice
  • If I am unhappy I don't have to stay
  • I deserve to have it all, right now
  • I can make my own truth

Let this powerfully honest book help you overcome these and other prevalent lies of our culture that have the potential to destroy your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Insightful and practical, each chapter illustrates the flaws of the lie and contrasts them with grace-based truths from Scripture. Each author adds her unique voice and firsthand experience to help identify and overcome some of the lies that women commonly believe about aging, body image, happiness, romance, and much more. Their wisdom and vulnerability will inspire you to tear down the fallacies and rebuild your life on the solid foundation of God's unchanging truth.

Includes questions for individual reflection at the end of each chapter.