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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Jul 2007
Bethany House Publishers

Miss Katie's Rosewood

by Michael Phillips

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The final book in the Carolina Cousins series by Michael Phillips, Miss Katie’s Rosewood, leaves the reader satisfied, albeit longing to visit these friends again, if only by re-reading the series.

Katie Claiborne and Mayme Daniels live contently at Rosewood. In the lull before harvest time they decide to travel north to visit Aunt Nelda and explore the possibility of attending a woman’s college. On the train Katie and Mayme are separated because “whites” and “coloreds” can not ride the same train car. Along with the whole car load of colored passengers, Mayme is kidnapped to be sold into slavery in the West Indies.

Rob Paxton, Katie’s friend and a deputy sheriff, comes to help find and rescue Mayme. But events get more complicated as Katie’s family is threatened by the local KKK. Racial tensions bring pressure upon this small family trying to forge a new life after the horrors of the Civil War.

Michael Phillips unknowingly describes his book perfectly when he writes, “[This] story is a story of goodness emerging out of defeat, of hope flowing out of loss, of joy growing out of sorrow, and love blossoming out of despair” (p. 220). Phillips writes that, “All our stories ought to . . . help people learn about themselves and grow” (p.131), a task expertly accomplished by Mr. Phillips. – Vasthi Acosta, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Stirring Conclusion to the Carolina Cousins Series!

A lone rider galloped through the night. He could not slow down or it would be too late. Many lives, and his own future, depended on his getting there in time....

Winds of change are blowing over the Carolina cotton fields....changes that will rock the lives of all those who live at the Rosewood Plantation. Katie and Mayme are young women now. Jeremiah has left to seek work in the city. Can change be far behind for the rest of the Rosewood family?

Trouble lives not only in the South....danger lurks everywhere. When Katie and Mayme travel north by train to Philadelphia, only one of them is still on board when the train reaches its destination....

Meanwhile, the KKK plans to burn Rosewood to the ground, forcing the family to face a terrible decision. Save Rosewood--or themselves?

Will the Rosewood family survive this threat to their beloved home? Or will they be forced to say a final goodbye to...

Miss Katie's Rosewood